Peoplework Profiles: Mike Kitchens


Greg Dipaolo

December 20, 2013 | comments

For Mike Kitchens, a broker for Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish Realtors in Gainesville, Florida, going paperless was something his office wanted, and something it wanted badly.

But he didn’t want a service that would only give him electronic document storage or only digital signatures. There were lots of services that offered one thing or the other, but he didn’t have interest in bundling a bunch of products together in order to get what he wanted. He wanted one service that was comprehensive, and he wasn’t about to pay through the nose for it once he found it.

Affiliated agents had used other digital services before, but they didn’t come close to doing all that the brokerage needed and what’s more, they were exorbitantly expensive.

Enter dotloop.

Once Mike saw dotloop and the things of which it was capable, he knew he’d found his digital golden ticket. It was exactly what he was looking for, he says, and when he found out he could have it for his office and not break the bank? Well, he was completely sold.

Mike: “dotloop covers everything I’ve ever wanted for a very cost-effective price.”

Mike’s office has 75 affiliated agents, so he was going to have quite a few people to sell on the service. One thing he thought might help was that his local Board of REALTORS® was also looking into using dotloop, so he wanted to show as many as possible the benefits of the service.
He signed on early last year and made sure, before unveiling dotloop to his brokerage. that he learned the platform inside and out. Once that happened, he gathered some top producing affiliated agents to show them all that dotloop could do.

Mike: “I asked them what they thought and if dotloop was something they could work with. The words were barely out of my mouth when they started asking how quickly they could start using it. The rest is history.”

But there’s more!

Mike: “I love that dotloop is a one-stop shop. It does everything, and that’s great because we don’t have time to fool with a bunch of different things that only ‘kind of’ get there. And since the platform is truly paperless—I mean completely—we’re saving 60%-70% on costs related to paper in our office. We’ve even been able to get rid of a few filing cabinets, and I love seeing that.”

One thing that WE love to hear, and something that Mike was pretty effusive about, was that his office is really happy with the service dotloop gives his team of affiliated agents.

Mike: “It’s been really neat. Evan Peele has been totally on the ball with tech support; he responds quickly and helps us solve problems wherever we need. The support is amazing. And our admin staff LOVES it; it’s made their lives so much easier.”

And finally, under the heading of “The Proof Is In The Pudding”, Mike shared a personal story that, if he’d been even slightly on the fence, totally sold him on dotloop.

Mike: “This was my ‘AHA!’ moment. My son was on an overseas trip in London. While he was gone, his cross-country coach needed a form signed and I needed to get it over to him. I uploaded the PDFto dotloop, he signed it electronically, and it was back to me and off to the coach in less than 10 minutes. How cool is THAT?”

We love our customers, but more than that, love that what we’re doing is making their businesses and even their lives easier to manage. That’s peoplework in action!

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