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December 13, 2013 | comments

Barry Waterman is no nonsense.

Barry, the Broker-President at Coldwell Banker Waterman Realty on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, is a man who’s all business. So when he started looking for a digital solution for his office, he wasn’t looking for fluff. He’d been looking for a long time not just for a tool to provide digital signatures or electronic document storage, but for a system that allowed him to work better together in a transaction from start to finish. When he found dotloop, he knew he’d found just what he was looking for.

Barry and his team have been using dotloop for the lion’s share of 2013, so we were curious to see how things were going.

Barry: “I’d looked for ages for a tool that would give me just what I wanted. There had been things here and there that came close, but nothing that did what I needed could do it for less than a king’s ransom. Early this year, after hearing lots of folks talking about dotloop, I decided to check it out. Not only could it do everything I wanted, it did it at a great price. I knew I’d found what I was looking for.”

Barry talked to our sales team and did some “test-driving” of our Broker Dashboard. He was sold. He knew, though, that he’d have to sell the platform to the folks who’d be using it every day: his agents.

He gathered his top-producing agents to see what they thought. He gave them the low- down on all dotloop could do and then asked them if it was something they could work with. “How fast can we get this in the office,” they wanted to know. Waterman Realty was sold and they were off to the races.

So how has it been going since? According to Barry, it’s been far easier than he ever expected.

Waterman Realty has 20 agents in its office. They’d been using a combination of digital services over the past few years, but none of the products worked together, so there was much greater potential for something to fall through the cracks in a transaction.

Barry: “dotloop gives me what I call ‘seat-of-the-pants’ transaction management. I have oversight into all my agents are doing and can tell when and if something’s been forgotten, if there’s an addendum that needs signing or a T that needs to be crossed. And it does all of this seamlessly; we never skip a beat. One of the really cool things is that since I can see into each agent’s transactions and can check things on the fly, there’s now less of a differential between my best agents and my less-productive agents. dotloop is helping them do their jobs better and more effectively, and it’s making me a better manager because I spend less time monitoring their transactions.”

So what about those other systems? Are the agents having any trouble making the switch?

Barry: “Not a one. The other systems that we’d been using are gone. We’d given our team ‘til the end of 2013 to make the switch to dotloop, but by September, each and every one of them was fully on board. We went ‘cold turkey’ on all other tech and we’re all-dotloop, all the time now.”

And since making the switch, have there been any surprises for Barry and his team?

Barry: “Surprises? We’ve had several. First of all, we couldn’t believe the ease of the forms and digital signing process; it’s seamless. But the biggest surprises has been the responsiveness of the team at dotloop. Like with any tech tool, dotloop has its problems from time to time, but the team is right on top of things and there’s never been a case where something wasn’t fixed in about 24 hours. You guys are extremely cooperative and right there for us when we need you.”

Having folks like Barry Waterman as a part of the dotloop family rocks; he’s putting dotloop to work not just to do more business, but better business. As for #peoplework, how’s this for awesome: since they began using dotloop, Waterman Realty is saving a ton on expenses related to paper and toner and document storage. In fact, they’ve saved so much space and money that they’re the file cabinets out and making room for more agents.

Less paperwork, more #peoplework. And that’s what dotloop is all about.

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