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Avoid Having your Online Presence Cross the line From Informative to Intrusive



July 12, 2012 | comments

The Internet is a fantastic means of finding and communicating with clients. Since the vast majority of people can be reached via the Internet in some way or another, it offers seemingly endless possibilities. However, you have to go about finding those clients in an ethical manner or you can end up being blocked, excluded, and banished from servers.

For example, no one likes to receive spam so don’t go overboard with sending out massive amounts of unwanted messages to people you don’t know. Actually, that shouldn’t be done to people you know either or you will find that even family members are blocking your emails.

It’s much more effective to establish contact with people in ways that respect their time, privacy, and wishes. For example, instead of overloading clients with emails, try sharing useful information and videos on social media sites. This way, clients can look at that information on their own time and if they like it, will probably share it with their friends and thus help you with marketing.

It’s also important to send out emails but only mail them to people who willingly add their addresses to your list. Just send out one mass mailing a week and you will probably get a much more positive response than inundating contacts with emails on a daily basis.

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