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3 of the Biggest Misconceptions about Real Estate Technology



July 06, 2012 | comments

Technologies developed for the real estate industry have become standard tools for some realtors but are avoided by others. There are a number of ways in which software and devices can help realtors succeed so it’s a bit baffling as to why there are so many agents who could benefit from various technologies yet refuse to invest in them.

The unwillingness for realtors to adopt certain technologies usually stems from a few key misconceptions. Three of those falsehoods are:

1. “I don’t need it”: Realtors who have been working in the industry for several years are sometimes convinced that they don’t need anything new to do a better job. They already have relationships with lots of clients and know how to do their job so why change their “modus operandi”? What such agents don’t realize is that they could be a lot more successful by using technologies that improve efficiency and help to simplify their workload.
2. “It costs too much”: The majority of realtors who believe this about new technologies have never even looked into pricing for cloud-based solutions and other tools that could give their business a major boost. Fact is, many tools aren’t that expensive and are best seen as a business investment that pays for itself in any case.
3. “It will be too difficult to use”: People who fall for this excuse base their logic on past experiences with other types of software or simply because they have very little knowledge about computers. In reality, many modern technologies developed for real estate are downright simple to use because they were developed with the user in mind.

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