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Always Organize Yourself for Success with Contingency Plans



July 13, 2012 | comments

When meeting with clients, REALTORS always have to be careful about making a good impression. Everything from the clothes that are worn to attitudes shown and the ability to listen help determine whether or not a client meets with you a second time. Whether buying or selling a home, they need to feel at ease with the process so it’s worth your while to be more than prepared for meetings and other situations. In other words, in addition to showing up with the right outfit, attitude, and laptop, you also need to think of the things that could go wrong and develop appropriate contingency plans.

For example, don’t just keep those important files in one place. Avoid annoyance and embarrassment by also storing them on a USB device and in the cloud. Regarding devices, it’s probably better to use a mobile device first and bring the laptop as one of your back-ups. The mobile device may have more capabilities and will also be more impressive. Of course, you also have to know about the Wi-Fi capabilities of the meeting place as well as other possible Wi-Fi hotspots in case technical problems arise at your first choice.

Some types of real estate transaction management technology can also help with contingency plans. To learn more about such technologies, contact dotloop today.