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Switch to Real Estate Technology that Increases Efficiency and Productivity



June 04, 2012 | comments

The real estate industry has always been competitive but perhaps never more than now. Over the past few years, realtors have had to come up with innovative solutions and make crucial, key investments in technologies that help them stay in business. It’s been a rough ride for most but several realtors have actually been very successful in this trying atmosphere where there seem to be more renters than buyers no matter where you look. Those who have succeeded are the realtors that have applied their skills and tested strategies to new technologies and platforms.

They adapted to social media by using it to interact with and market to clients in the form of videos, images, and useful documents. They also started using mobile devices instead of cell phones to boost their communication capacities. However, no matter which types of new technologies they switched to, they were able to compete and succeed in large part due to increases in efficiency and, subsequently, productivity. Basically, new technologies helped them do more in less time. This concept is nothing new and can be realized by switching to software and devices designed for that purpose.

dotloop is just that: new technology that is designed to boost efficiency, increase productivity, all while making you and your clients’ lives easier.