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Using Real Estate Technology to Create Your Brand



May 07, 2012 | comments

Branding is just as important for realtors as it is for soft drinks companies. People in the beverage business make efforts to portray their products in a certain light with specific images and mottos. They do this to make it easier for customers to remember those drinks and associate them with thirst, satisfaction, and other reasons for drinking a bottle of soda. Likewise, as a realtor, you want people to associate your brand (this includes your name) with confidence, trust, friendliness, matching them with the right properties, and other factors that people search for in a real estate company.

Some of the technologies and interactive platforms that help create your brand include:

  • Mobile devices: Cell phones are vital but smartphones are a better choice. Upgrade to a smartphone so you can email and interact with clients on social media platforms in addition to speaking with them by phone. Using a mobile device also shows clients that you have the latest in technology and are therefore a successful, savvy realtor.
  • Social Media: Formulate a plan to interact with clients on these platforms because that is where many of them are spending huge portions of their time. Social sites are fantastic for creating your brand because they allow you to share everything from branded videos to images and documents that can inform and entertain clients.

Similar to the highlighted tips above, utilizing a transaction management solutions like dotloop will help brand your business in way that makes you a tech savvy, efficient, and successful agent within the industry.