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Making clients know that you value their time…



June 05, 2012 | comments

One major building block of any relationship is mutual respect. This is demonstrated by keeping conversations open and honest, by not delving into topics stated to be off limits by the other party, and by respecting the valuable time of the other person. For many Americans, disrespecting or taking advantage of their time is a big taboo. As little and seemingly insignificant as the amount of time may appear to be, clients probably feel otherwise and won’t appreciate you wasting even a few seconds of their precious time. For this reason, you have to always be open and sincere about why you want to meet with them and how long it will take. It also helps to always make sure that clients realize the value that you place on their time. This can be done in such ways as:

Communicating with emails: If the point can be made in an email, use this method first before setting up a meeting or even calling them on the phone. This way, they can check the message on their own time (very important for people who are busy with work and kids), and get back to you when they have the time to do so.

Tell them that you value their time: There’s perhaps no better way than letting clients know that you value their time than by stating it in all of your communications. Excuse yourself for taking up their valuable time at the beginning of the message and thank them for their time at the end. Do this whether communicating by email, on the phone, or with an online video.

Use an interactive platform: Cloud-based solutions like this demonstrate your respect for their time whenever they use it because it makes every process so much more efficient. Nevertheless, it’s still a good idea to tell clients that saving their time is one of your main reasons for adopting such technology in the first place.

dotloop operates on all of these principles. By offering a solution to your clients that allows them to save time & money, you demonstrate that you value their time, and in turn, will boost their customer satisfaction.