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Less is more: When does the quantity of tech tools impact the efficiency in your business.



April 18, 2012 | comments

Technology is a completely game changing tool that can be leveraged to connect with friends, become more efficient in business and much more. In the past decade we have watched as technology has transformed every aspect of our lives, and in most cases it is a good thing. But when does too much technology become a hinderance instead of a productive tool? When does using 10 different applications to accomplish one task out weight the benefits of simply selecting one all inclusive solution.

In this day and age there is an application for everything; from finding recipes, to creating funny meme’s of your friends. In the real estate industry we especially see this. There are applications for saving notes, ones for creating notes, one for editing notes, etc. Instead of researching and familiarizing ourselves with an all inclusive solution, we “piece” together systems that in the long run prove to be more difficult to use than it would be to find one application that does everything that you want to accomplish.

For example: In the real estate space, when you look at iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) you often find many agents have an application for signing, one for annotating documents, one for sharing PDF’s etc. It appears as though there is an application for each individual step of the transaction process.

So, once the documents are created they open the signature application. Once their clients have signed, they then upload it to a file storage program to share it. When receiving an offer, it’s required that the document is uploaded to an annotating program, and transferred to their document signing platform to have clients sign.
If you’re sitting back scratching your head saying, “Why?”, I’m right there with you. Why should it take so many different pieces of technology to accomplish a relatively simple process? At what point does having TOO much technology become a hinderance to your productivity.

We see this issue throughout any industry because few softwares accomplish all of the desired tasks without another “third-party” creating a SEPARATE application to accomplish the “missing functionality”.

This is where dotloop stands out. You don’t need anything else. There is not a single application that is required to supplement the transaction process through dotloop because unlike any other program currently available, we do it all. Call this a shameless plug, but if you really think about it, there’s a pretty obvious point. By leveraging an all inclusive program, there is no need to bog yourself down with additional software. There’s no need to buy a doc signing platform because dotloop provides it. And that goes for annotation, document storage, and document creation.

My intent is NOT to sell you. I’m challenging you, in your business, to leverage holistic solutions instead of trying to “piece together” a system that hardly works. Find complete solutions, like dotloop, that service every need. Sometimes, being bogged down by too much technology, and too many applications hinders you from being as productive and efficient as you can be with the right tools.