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Social Media Penalties for the Real Estate Game



November 30, 2011 | comments

There are penalties in football to keep the game as fair as possible. Players and coaches follow the rules and avoid penalties or they might end up losing yards and even games. Social media also has its own set of unwritten rules and realtors that break them can be held from advancing towards their goals or even end up losing clients. Pay close attention to and avoid these costly penalties:
# False start: This happens when you post nothing but listings. This is not the best way to use social media because you aren’t actually interacting with clients. Lack of rapport won’t earn you any points.
# Delay of Game: Your Realtor game gets delayed through lack of engagement. Once again, people use social media to interact with others. Take the time and effort to actively communicate with your contacts.
# Unsportsmanlike conduct: This one is easy enough to avoid. Just don’t go around bad-mouthing other realtors no matter what may have occurred. It makes a bad impression on clients and once you post it, it doesn’t go away!

Follow these tips to avoid receiving any social media penalties and stay connected with dotloop to be in the loop for real estate technology.