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Exceeding customer expectations, Or Deal With The Consequences



October 21, 2011 | comments

Exceeding customer expectations has never been more important than it is today. Real estate brokers and agents need to go above and beyond the call of duty to compete in this market. Many new home buyers and sellers are turning to the Internet in search of an efficient way to complete the process themselves. However, many of these buyers and sellers lack the expertise it takes to do so, thus brokers and agents must prove beyond the shadow of a doubt they’re services will benefit their customers.

Providing Great Customer Service Requires Technology
Using technology where buyers and sellers can negotiate with interactive documents and electronic signatures works for every other industry, and real estate is no exception. These features give customers more flexibility by adding transparency to the process making it possible for them to sign and review documents without needing to leave the house or office.

Social Media is Shifting Power to the Consumer
In today’s connected world, the best service will be appreciated and the worst will be broadcast to others. When you exceed expectations, your network may be inclined to pass along good feedback to their family and friends. However, everyone has an online voice these days and ready to vent about bad experiences rather than good.

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Think about what you’re more likely to see on Facebook:

“My agent provides unparalleled service. I highly recommend Jane House seller!” or,

“Ugh, closing on this house is so frustrating! I can’t wait until it’s over with.”

While the first would be ideal, that latter is more likely.

The complaint is more likely to spur a conversation between the frustrated seller and a handful of their contacts. Perhaps one of their contacts recommends another REALTOR® with whom they’ve had success. One who makes the process as simple as possible. One who exceeds their expectations with the right technology solutions to make the process more interactive.

Don’t be the agent your customers scold about online. Rather, be the REALTOR® your clients recommend to their frustrated friends.