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Innovation is Generated by Thinking Outside the Box



December 01, 2011 | comments

Whether big or small, ideas that challenge the status quo usually lead to innovation. Realtors should strive for innovative thinking because it frequently leads to more competitive strategies, helps with word of mouth marketing, and just might be necessary for productive use of social media. Keeping ideas in line with those of other realtors and brokerages might work in a basic manner but they probably aren’t going to help you move ahead of the competition.

To truly move forward and make your name known in the real estate industry, you need to do things differently from the rest of the crowd. Not everything needs to be radically different but you shouldn’t wait around for other individuals or companies to come up with the solutions that you need. Find them on your own by remembering to think outside the box. When you open your mind to new ways of accomplishing things, you end up being a lot more innovative and this typically plays a key role for success.

Real estate technology was developed through just this type of thinking and can thus help you simplify and develop innovative and effective strategies