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Create Transactions 3X Faster

In today’s real estate market where homes go pending in hours, agents need to be more efficient than ever. Whether it’s a listing appointment or submitting an offer, your process needs to be seamless to win the deal and still deliver a superior client experience.

Listing Side Video

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Optimize Your Account


Investing a few extra minutes customizing your preferences, connecting your CRM and adding commonly used contract clauses will pay off in hours saved and help you win future deals.

Complete your ‘My Account’ section

Sync your CRM and accounting platforms

Create customer offer and listing folders

Save default info in your templates

Create custom listing and offer documents

Add dotloop’s worksheets and interactive templates

Create task templates

Create commonly used contract clauses

Save custom transaction filters

Create the Transaction, Add Documents and Tasks


Taking the time to set up the transaction properly on the front end will go far in saving you time in the long run. Make sure to take a few moments to add the three main elements of a transaction: people, documents and tasks.

Creating a listing transaction

Creating a buying transaction

Add folders and documents

Add people to the transaction

Add tasks templates

Auto-fill your documents

Share documents

Share tasks lists and assign due dates

Edit PDFs and Documents


Documents – this is where you’ll really feel the time savings. Being able to submit an offer or sharing the offer package for your listing in just a few clicks can make the difference.

Edit, split and rotate PDFs

Combine documents

Use keyboard shortcuts

Use the Apply Template feature

Mobile App


Today’s agent is always on the move and being able to use a top-rated mobile app to manage transactions is a must-have in this market.

Editing and sharing PDFs

Editing document templates on your phone

Sharing documents via text and exporting conversations

Scan documents with your phone

Business+ and Teams


If you’re using our transaction management solution for Brokerages or Teams you’ll have access to a few more efficiency tools. Make the process even faster for your agents with loops templates and automate compliance for transaction coordinators.

Loop templates

Submit for compliance

Acting on behalf

Customizing notifications

Prepare Your Listing for Offers


These two tips are incredibly useful when it comes to setting up your listing. The Easy Offer link will make it easy to share an entire folder of documents with multiple people and making your listing searchable in dotloop increases the exposure of the property.

Setup and share an Easy Offer folder

Make your listing searchable

Manage Offers on Your Listing


In today’s real estate market managing offers efficiently is imperative. These are the top scenarios you’re most likely going to run into when managing offers on your listing.

Scenario 1: Buyer’s agent uses dotloop and successfully connects to your listing

Scenario 2: Buyer’s agent uses dotloop but you need to merge two loops

Scenario 3: Buyer’s agent does NOT use dotloop and sends you offers via email

Scenario 4: Dual Agency

Compare offers using dotloop’s custom template

Complete the Offer Paperwork


You have to be quick when you find the right home for your clients. Being able to submit an offer before walking out of an open house can help you elevate your buyer’s offer.

Connect to a listing

Auto-fill/edit document templates

Share documents