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Free Real Estate Agent Resource: Seller’s Estimate Net Sheet

Help your clients estimate how much money they will keep with this side-by-side, automated comparison of up to 3 offers, calculating estimated cash requirements, mortgage payoffs and expenses.

How to Unlock Your Free Seller's Estimate Net Sheet

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1. Unlock Free Templates

Watch how to add the “Worksheets, Templates and Guides” folders containing the Seller’s Estimated Net Sheet to your dotloop account using the code looper.

Add Templates

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2. Customize Net Sheet

From your “Templates” section, add your new Net Sheet to an existing listing or a practice loop to customize it with the offers’ information and see it action.

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Customize and use

3. Share With Clients

Once you have filled out the Seller’s Estimated Net Sheet, share it with your client(s) so they can confidently pick and accept the best offer on their home.

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