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How Dotloop Changed the Game at Houlihan Lawrence Wareck D’Ostilio



August 12, 2022 | comments

Co-Owner and Managing Broker John Wareck Shares How Dotloop Has Helped Transform Operations Across Multiple Offices

Hear John’s Story ↓ Dotloop’s Business+ Platform Has Made Transactions Run That Much Smoother Across 5 Offices in the Greater New Haven, CT, Area

Before using dotloop, life looked much different at Houlihan Lawrence Wareck D’Ostilio, a licensed affiliate of Houlihan Lawrence. Co-owner and Managing Broker John Wareck and staff looked at many systems, “but dotloop kept coming up a winner again and again.”

The year was 2014 when the brokerage’s agents were still obliged to find time in their busy schedules to make trips to the office, where they would grab paper forms from a carousel stocked with manilla folders and then race on to their next appointment.

The brokerage was still shopping real estate transaction management software with the minimum criteria of finding the best multipurpose transaction management system with eSignatures and a comprehensive real estate forms library that would provide native access to their state and board forms. That’s when they discovered dotloop.

Nearly 10 years later, if you ask Wareck what he would do if his office could no longer use dotloop, he would cry, “Don’t scare me! If I couldn’t use dotloop. I don’t even know where I’d begin!”

For Wareck, one of 10,000 real estate brokers across the U.S. using the transaction software, he doesn’t even want to conceive of “reversing all progress” made with dotloop.

“It’s absolutely essential to the way we do business,” he says.

Today, serving about 850 transactions a year and growing, Houlihan Lawrence Wareck D’Ostilio still loves the transaction management platform for its “ease of use.”

“The user friendliness has made a really big difference.”

What Houlihan Lawrence Wareck D’Ostilio Agents and Clients Now Say about Dotloop

Wareck first heard about dotloop from an agent. After doing extensive research and ultimately purchasing the system, the broker set a deadline for the agents to adopt dotloop. At first, they kept pushing back.

“They didn’t want to change the way they did business,” Wareck says. “It seemed like magic. It still seems like magic. And now it’s magic that has solved problems for so many agents and made their transactions so much smoother.”

As each year rolls by, and more clients become accustomed to working, shopping and home transacting online, Wareck says clients love using dotloop “as their transaction platform.”

“We’ve had good feedback from clients who might be on vacation and sign from their iPhone from another country,” Wareck says. “The ease of use delights people.”

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