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Unlock a variety of add-on services:
  • Transaction templates
  • Personalized training
  • Custom compliance workflows
  • Document customization
  • Expedited services and more

Professional Services

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Every brokerage and team has unique business needs but they don't always have the time or resources to execute. That's where dotloop PRO comes in.

Loop Templates

Transaction (Loop) Templates

Loop Templates, available for Teams and Business+ users, save time by allowing users to control the people, documents, and task lists that are auto-added when loops are first created, as well as what documents and information are required before review.

Custom Training

Personalized Training

As part of the dotloop PRO subscription, you can book online training sessions with a dotloop PRO Instructor. For Business+ and Teams, this included 3 sessions per subscription period. Our training team will use the custom templates built with the dotloop PRO Team to train your agents.

Field Calculations

Field Calculations

Field Calculations are similar to formulas found in spreadsheets. They’re commonly used in: Buyer/Seller Estimated Net Sheets, Commission Disbursement Requests/Authorizations, and Purchase/Sales Contracts.

Custom Workflows

Custom Compliance Workflows

Custom workflows allow agents to click one button to submit their transaction documents to an admin/broker for review and give brokers/admins the ability to see everything that is happening with their agents.

Expedited Service/Support Completion

Expedited Service and Support

Gain access to a VIP queue for admins and agents when calling into dotloop Phone Support and when submitting new documents to be set-up. Think of it as a “fast pass” at an amusement park where you bypass the long lines. Estimated project times are:

  • New documents to set up: 1-3 business days
  • dotloop PRO Template Projects: 3-5 business days
  • Phone Support: Next Available Representative.

Guided Integration Set-up

Guided SSO Set-Up

To seamlessly connect your tech stack, take advantage of dotloop’s Single-Sign-On. Get access to a dotloop Expert to help your developer troubleshoot issues. (Note: this service does not include a developer from dotloop, it only provides development resource guides and a dotloop Expert to investigate potential issues.)

Launching a Rebrand? We Can Help.

Dotloop PRO can help launch your rebrand by auditing your dotloop documents and replacing your team's or brokerage's former logo and team name with the new logo in all dotloop banners. We'll also help you audit and update dotloop templates, including workflows, loop templates, clauses and task lists and rebuild those interactive documents that need updating.

Video of dotloop's digital HR onboarding solution for real estate brokerages and teams

Onboarding Dashboard

Virtually onboard new real estate agents with a fully digital HR dashboard. Reduce costs, improve tech adoption, streamline the signing and sharing of onboarding forms, and empower admins to standardize the process with custom checklists.

  • Create digital onboarding packets
  • Use checklists to instill accountability
  • Automate a seamless onboarding experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is dotloop PRO different than Success?

Dotloop PRO services provide custom work done for you, as well as VIP access to the front of the line for support requests. Success, on the other hand, provides you with the know-how to do the work yourself.

Can I customize my dotloop account myself?

Absolutely. If you want to do the work yourself, check out our resource center for help.

Will you build our SSOs as part of dotloop PRO?

No. Dotloop PRO will offer guided SSO help, but you will be required to bring a developer to the table to do the actual work.

How do I schedule an appointment with the dotloop PRO Team?

Once you have subscribed to dotloop PRO, you will have a dotloop PRO Discovery Call via Zoom. Your dotloop Sales Consultant or Partner Success Manager can help schedule this. This call is our introduction to you to find out what types of services you would like to utilize. After the call, you will receive an email with links to the different appointment types. These links can be sent again upon request at any time. All dotloop PRO calls are conducted via Zoom for easy screen share by both parties.

Will I have one point of contact for dotloop PRO?

The dotloop PRO Team is a small but mighty team. To ensure that you receive help quickly, calls scheduled will go through a round robin for the first available dotloop PRO Representative. Detailed notes about previous conversations and projects are kept to ensure you have a productive meeting no matter with which team member you speak.

Does the dotloop PRO Team handle phone support?

No, the dotloop PRO Team can be reached via email or by scheduling a Zoom appointment.

In situations where you need immediate assistance, please reach out to our amazing Partner Experience Team at 1 (888) 368-5667. With the dotloop PRO subscription, admins and agents are placed into a VIP Support Queue for the next available Partner Experience Team Member.