Top 10 Dotloop Real Estate Integrations That Save You Time

Jason Reinking

Jason Reinking

March 09, 2020 | comments

Maximize the Value of Your Real Estate Tech Stack

The number of real estate software tools is ever expanding, but if your systems aren’t “communicating” with each other in real time, you’re missing out on substantial timesaving and productivity benefits. Discover a few integration tricks to make your life easier … they’re only a click away.

The Age of Integrations

Does your real estate “tech stack” play well with others? APINation Research shows that a truly automated platform with well-integrated software apps can produce time savings of up to 80% weekly.

In addition, dotloop integrations help streamline multiple systems within one platform to improve speed and agility, eliminate duplicate data entry, mitigate the risk of losing data stored on one system and make your transaction platform “stickier” to help increase agent tech adoption.

Partnering with 60+ leading CRM, marketing and backend software applications, Dotloop’s open API enables all the data in your varied systems to communicate with one another. Plus, dotloop’s tools are compatible across the board and scalable to help you grow your business.

Here are 10 top (and maybe surprising) ways you can make your tech stack work harder for you.

1. dotloop + QuickBooks Online

Sync and autofill income commissions, splits and deposits directly into QuickBooks when a loop is closed, thereby simplifying end-of-year reporting. APINation’s sync tracks entries and edits in real time from the loop to QuickBooks Online. Sync “sold,” “leased” or “done” transaction types, and automate agent commissions to create fast and easy 1099 forms. Zapier also syncs dotloop and QuickBooks Online to create bills, credit memos, estimates and more.

2. dotloop + Google Contacts

Easily identify callers on your smartphone by their loop address as well as their names when you add a person to a loop and add the loop address to the “Company Name” field. PieSync integrates dotloop and Google Contacts (along with contacts from 200+ other applications) via a two-way sync that enables easy updating of contact details, grouping contacts in dotloop from a certain region to add them to a Google Contacts group, and more.

3. dotloop + Google Calendar

Sync important dates from your loops to your Google Calendar, such as contract dates, offer dates and listing dates. Fine-tune the settings and select which dates you want to sync, or leave the default to sync all of them.

4. dotloop + Gmail

With APINation’s Loop-It™ for Gmail integration, you can create loops directly through your Gmail account. Simply choose your dotloop profile, choose a loop template and Loop-It™ directly from Gmail. Zapier also makes it easy to connect dotloop and Gmail with an integration that through a series of preset “zaps” can automatically trigger an email draft when a new loop has been created.

5. dotloop + sisu

Sisu is an analytics platform that can pull CRM activity into dotloop to create in-depth, graphic reports of agent productivity. Team leaders can monitor custom metrics, such as appointments set, sales under contract, closed transactions, lead sources and contract deadlines. Because Sisu and dotloop were designed with an open API, users are able to push or pull information bidirectionally between platforms, including purchase price and buyer or seller information. Team leaders and brokers can then use this information to “gamify” and engage agents in friendly competition either as sub teams or on an individual basis.

6. dotloop + Loft47

This popular backend accounting and payroll system enables real estate agents and brokers to automate commission management as well as sync documentation and checklists in dotloop to Loft47 automatically. The dotloop integration offers a wide range of functions from inserting complex dependencies into the fee structures and appropriating splits based on any formula’s calculations to direct-deposit of payments to agents in their bank accounts.

7. dotloop + MailChimp

Sync dotloop to MailChimp email campaigns, such as newsletters, holiday greetings or anniversaries, to improve audience segmentation and inform campaigns for more targeted results. PieSync lets you update your MailChimp contact details from certain groups in dotloop and enrich tagged contacts in dotloop using MailChimp’s social data.

8. dotloop + BombBomb

By syncing your dotloop contacts into BombBomb lists, you can maintain relationships and stay relevant with past clients on notable key dates, such as birthdays and home anniversaries, using video. BombBomb also offers a great tool for video walkthroughs.

9. dotloop + reeazily

Reezily’s Broker EZ gives brokers a market analytics module to recruit agents with full competitive intelligence. Agent EZ, a self-service portal, lets agents check on pending payouts, print checks or set up direct-deposit. Agents and brokers can search by MLS, property name, property address and more. To customize settings, brokers can set up global permissions or have finite permissions where it’s isolated to individual offices.

10. dotloop + HomeBinder

A great way to stay relevant to former clients without additional marketing, HomeBinder organizes all customers’ documents, such as appliance warranties, paint chip colors and contractor info, in one digital folder upon closing. The digital folder perpetuates the agent of record for future sales and helps the brokerage stand out with a unique closing gift.

To learn more about dotloop’s integration partners or to activate an integration, please visit For more information on becoming an integration partner, please submit a request here.

Jason Reinking, Director of Business Development at dotloop

Jason Reinking

A 14-year veteran of the real estate industry, dotloop’s Director of Business Development Jason Reinking oversees strategic partnerships with a focus on identifying opportunities for new revenue and product enhancements through third-party integrations.

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