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RE/MAX R4 2020: Insights and Takeaways

Orlando Ramirez

Orlando Ramirez

March 13, 2020 | comments

Importance of Being Mobile, Millennials in Real Estate and More

After attending RE/MAX R4 in Vegas, dotloop Sr. Director of Enterprise Accounts Orlando Ramirez, a 14+ year real estate veteran, and dotloop Sr. Consultant Nick Herrmann capture the top takeaways and insights from the 4-day conference.


What were some of the questions people were asking at the dotloop booth?

Many people are using dotloop within the RE/MAX brand currently, but it’s funny how many people are unfamiliar with dotloop. People think, ‘I have an eSignature tool so I have no need for dotloop.’ Or they wonder how dotloop fits in with their current forms provider. It was amazing to talk with them and evaluate how their systems are working for them currently and where dotloop can come into play by providing so much more than an eSignature tool.

When I explained to them how they’re using multiple platforms to complete a transaction, they realize dotloop can be a game changer, a real lifesaver. Seeing the look on their face when I told them they don’t have to be using all these different systems, the big question then became, ‘Where exactly does dotloop fit in and differ from all the other tools?’ The answer, of course, is that we streamline it all by providing one tool that does it all.

How do we differ from other transaction management tools?

One of the themes of the week that particularly pertains to dotloop is it becomes easier for agents to adopt. We’re also a mobile-first transaction management platform that allows agents and admins to create, text, edit, share, eSign and close deals from a desktop or a mobile device, all on one end-to-end platform.

What did dotloop cover at the RE/MAX University presentation for those who couldn’t attend?

The power of dotloop and how we make everything a click away — that really drove the discussion. Interacting with the crowd and seeing how it was clicking in their minds was really affirming.

If you’re currently using disparate systems for forms and another for eSignatures, or you’re chained to a desk or a computer, or your clients have to scan and upload or come into the office to sign papers … that’s somewhere the Millennials, digital natives and first-time homebuyers don’t want to play.

The power of dotloop is it alleviates all that. With the dotloop mobile app, you can take a picture of a document or get an offer in with a buyer on the spot. How we deliver on real estate’s demands and enable agents to adjust their process to provide the best customer experience possible is what we’re doing in real estate today.

Infographic: What Millennials Expect From Agents

Download this infographic to discover the difference between the real estate expectations of Millennials and Baby Boomers and what they want from an agent.

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What was your biggest takeaway?

RE/MAX is a business-focused brand that’s all about creating the best client experience and they’re willing to adopt new technology and learn a different way of doing things if it’s going to help them achieve their goals at the end of the year. The RE/MAX agent’s agile business approach will enable them to stay at the top of their game.

Adopt dotloop now, and learn the transaction technology for a smoother booj integration tomorrow.

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