Infographic: What Today’s Real Estate Agents Want



September 04, 2018 | comments

Learn What Matters Most to Agents When Looking for a Brokerage

Check out and download this free infographic and find out what thousands of real estate agents think about technology, commission splits, culture fit and what really matters most in a brokerage.

Infographic: Today's Real Estate Agents

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Key Takeaways


When communicating with agents keep in mind your audience as different generations prefer different methods of communication.

Millennials continue to have a tremendous impact on real estate as they comprise the largest (56 million) workforce in the U.S.

Brokerages that want to recruit millennials should promote/support real estate teams (26% of millennial agents are part of a team).

As technology continues to be a critical part of the transaction, brokerages should ensure agents are proficient with the tools provided.

Across the board (70% avg.), agents feel it is very important for brokerages to provide them with technology tools.

Millennials value flexibility and culture fit over commission splits in comparison to Gen X and Baby Boomers ranking it at the top.


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