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The Inside Loop | August 2018 Episodes



September 07, 2018 | comments

Check Out August’s Episodes | 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12


Ep 8 | Creating a Killer Listing Presentation

Listing presentations are crucial for winning more clients. Here’s how to land more business.


Ep 9 | Focusing on Home Relocation

See why agents need to focus on delivering a seamless home relocation process.


Ep 10 | What’s the best day to list a house?

Learn the best season, week, and day to list a new property and why.


Ep 11 | Launching a Business on a Budget

Agents spend an average of $6300 in their first year of building their business.


Ep 12 | Managing Change in Real Estate

How to succeed in real estate by embracing changes in the industry.


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