How Real Estate Agents Can Easily Sync All Their Contacts



July 31, 2018 | comments

Dotloop and Piesync Integration Provides Two-Way Contact Syncing with More Than 120 Apps

Without the right syncing software, managing multiple contacts across multiple platforms can quickly become a messy nightmare. Fortunately, PieSync and dotloop have teamed up to streamline contacts into one cohesive, connected process.

Here’s How It Works

With PieSync, agents and teams sync all contacts directly through dotloop’s platform to ensure they’re accessing the most up-to-date client information. The two-way sync allows users to sync from one or multiple apps in any preset direction. For instance, it’s possible to sync all contacts in dotloop and Outlook, setting dotloop as the default reference for contact info, or vice versa.

Outloop and dotloop contact syncing

PieSync also enables users to invite team members to share contacts and apply filters, such as a directive to only show those contacts with emails.

Once the two platforms are integrated, all contacts added or edited will be automatically updated within any of the connected 120+ opted in accounts.

dotloop connections

PieSync also reduces data entry errors by cutting contact entry time by up to four hours and eliminating the need to:

  • Import/export contacts
  • Manually share contacts with your team
  • Save contacts on your smartphone
  • Navigate manual errors

PieSync 2-way sync


How to Set Up

To integrate your PieSync and dotloop accounts, log in to PieSync. Then start a new connection and select dotloop from the apps list.

PieSync connections

Once dotloop is selected, you can select a second app to sync with dotloop. Both dotloop and the second app will need to be authorized to sync. Just click “approve.”

As a dotloop user, PieSync is offering $50 off any plan! Click here to take advantage of this offer.

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