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Coming Soon: The NEW Autofill



October 08, 2015 | comments

To make the dotloop experience better for you, we bring updates and fixes every Wednesday night. Every update of dotloop includes improvements for speed and reliability as well as additional features to help you do more with dotloop.

The NEW Autofill

We’re excited to announce a new update that will make getting deals done even easier. The new Autofill functionality is a simple way for users to quickly complete documents by auto-populating MLSdata that is associated with listings.

This enhancement is similar to auto-populating via the loop details section of dotloop, but now allows you to pull in additional data automatically. You can autofill documents from additional places in a loop such as from within a document, the loop details section and during loop creation.

When you open a document, you will find that a popup is presented allowing you to search for an MLSlisting. When you find an MLS match, click “yes, link this listing” and any MLS data that coordinates with fields in your documents will be autopopulated. Your autofill data can be changed at any time by either visiting the loop details page, or by clicking “autofill” within a document.

That’s all folks! Be sure to check back every week to learn about the updates as they get released, and if you have any questions check out our support page!