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Why does dotloop ask for purchase price and closing date?



September 29, 2015 | comments

Nearly 7 months ago, we introduced “Charts & Graphs” within our product. The purpose of this functionality is to provide our customers with actionable insight into the deals that are happening within a brokerage.

This feature was developed based upon direct feedback from our customers, with the reasoning of delivering more value to our users. One example of this is allowing a brokerage to see the total sales of their brokerage from the past 30 days, as well as allowing your office manager to ensure they are working with accurate information as your deal is being processed.

In order for this feature to work, and for charts and graphs to populate with total sales information, agents will need to include the purchase price and the closing date in the “view details” section of their loops. Also, they MUST have a Transaction Type and Loop Status selected for each loop.

Therefore, the “red” prompt for purchase price and closing date is simply used to provide additional data and services to you, our user.

For more information on the Charts and Graphs feature, please visit:https://support.dotloop.com/hc/en-us/articles/204810017-Charts