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Austin Allison: “Dear friends & followers”



May 31, 2012 | comments

Dear friends & followers.

I want to proactively share my perspective on a video that was released last night; as edited, it can be interpreted as me “bashing” Cincinnati as a place to build a business; that was not the intent. Please allow me to explain…

Things don’t always come off as they are intended in the media. Throughout the rest of the interview (which didn’t make the cut through editing), I discussed all of Cincinnati’s strengths and how our intent at dotloop was not to just establish a presence in the Bay Area, but to blend the best of both cultures to build a more diverse/well-rounded team and ultimately… a better business.

Cincinnati is a great place to build a business and it will remain the HQ location for dotloop; and as the video highlights, San Francisco also has a lot to offer which is why we are aggressively pursuing it as our first expansion location. Both Cincinnati and San Francisco have things that the other doesn’t… neither approach is right or wrong and neither location is “better” than the other.

I realize that this interview (once edited) did not effectively convey this message and I am sorry for that, as it was not my intent. Thank you for understanding that no one is perfect, and I look forward to building a great business with our teams in both Cincinnati and San Francisco during the many months and years ahead!

Yours in success,

Austin Allison