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How Real Estate Technology Can Help YOU Beat the Competition without Spending a Ton of Money



August 06, 2012 | comments

If you had all the funding in the world, it would be much easier to thrive in a competitive market. Pockets overflowing with resources make it possible for a brokerage to invest in all of the latest devices and technologies. Their realtors could go anywhere, incredible marketing campaigns could be constructed, and amazing commercials would premiere on television, radio, and the Internet. It would make success easier but it probably wouldn’t be cost-effective so even the biggest of brokerages try to be careful about how resources are used.

Fortunately, technologies provide several ways of beating the competition without having to spend truckloads of dollars. Two of the easiest and least expensive are:

Cloud-based solutions: The main reason why cloud-based technologies are being adopted by companies from every sector of the economy is because they are more cost-effective than other options. Head to the cloud for as many applications as possible and you end up being a lot more productive for a fraction of the cost.

Social media: Not only can you directly connect with people who make up your target market, but you can also do it for free! The advantages of social sites are too many to ignore. Whether it be generating leads, providing relevant content to existing followers/networks, or even staying in contact, Social Media is a tool that should not be disregarded.

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