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5 Ways to Effectively Use Social Media for Your Business.



June 12, 2012 | comments

Social sites like Facebook and YouTube aren’t just websites where people around the globe post goofy videos and pictures of their latest vacations. These user-driven sites are also goldmines for marketing and this is why thousands of companies maintain YouTube channels and Facebook pages. Those and other social platforms act as virtual meeting rooms frequented by millions of people looking for information and the chance to interact with like-minded folks. They have become an essential part of modern day marketing for every industry, real estate included. Here are five easy ways to adopt such social sites for your business:

1. Post videos: Online videos are hugely popular. Make some videos and post them on YouTube or embed them into your Facebook page for easy, effective marketing.

2. Share documents: Social sites act as a basic interactive platform. Share helpful articles and useful information and people will start seeing you as the expert in your field of work.

3. Make comments: Make comments on pertinent videos and postings and respond. This helps to establish your online personality and allows you to demonstrate expertise.

4. Start realty-focused forums and groups: Start forums and groups that focus on realty and people who sign up could become clients.

5. Use them every day: Spend some time on social sites each and every day to interact with potential clients and share helpful information. This will start and strengthen relationships with potential clients.

By incorporating these 5 uses of social media into your business, you provide relevant information to your online following as well as display yourself as an “authority” within your industry.