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3 Things Clients Might Not Know About Their Realtors



June 13, 2012 | comments

Relationships play an essential role in the success of any realtor. Most people aren’t just going to call any old realtor to help them buy their dream house or sell their treasured home. They would prefer to work with someone whom they already know because a great deal of trust is involved with the process. However, no matter how well you think your clients know you, there are lots of things that they are unaware of. Even if you happen to be the most sincere of people who always strive for transparency, never assume that your clients know everything about you. Fact is, some may actually know very little about you but you can remedy this with regular communications that are honest about various aspects of your life and the way you work.

Just three of the things that many clients are unaware of when it comes to realtors are:

1. Real estate technology: If you haven’t talked about the tools, devices, and programs that you use as a realtor, clients probably don’t know about them. It’s important to tell them about such tools and how they simplify processes because it shows that you will be easy to work with and will get more accomplished in less time.

2. Education: It’s always good to remind clients of the degrees and certifications you have earned. You don’t have to throw such information in their face, just include it as part of your website or casually tie it in to newsletters.

3. The extent of your real estate knowledge: They assume that you know what you are talking about but have no idea about the true extent of your real estate knowledge and expertise. Demonstrate that knowledge with helpful articles and newsletters and they will feel good about working with you.

Practicing informative measures as mentioned above, provides useful information that not only proves your streamlined processes and applications, but also that you were the right choice to represent them.