Is your information secure with dotloop?

In one word: Absolutely. Many of the biggest companies in real estate trust us with their information, and trust is not something we take lightly. But to elaborate…


Is the data I share with dotloop automatically shared with Zillow Group?

No. Dotloop requires permission before sharing data with Zillow Group. If you grant permission, it enables a richer user experience, but all users have the option to opt-out of data sharing at any time.


Dotloop is securely hosted.

Dotloop is hosted in secure, Tier III data center facilities, where the servers and network equipment are monitored by several independent monitoring systems, both onsite and remotely. Additionally, the information is redundantly backed by Amazon Web Services, the leading in cloud-based network services.


Your information is securely stored.

Information in dotloop is, at minimum, 3-times redundant. Database and file backups are performed regularly, encrypted, and then stored securely in the cloud. Automated restoration and testing of the backups ensures the integrity of the historical information. Your information is retained for a period of seven years.


Your documents are private and protected in dotloop.

Documents in dotloop may be made available by a brokerage and/or association to its members and are protected through dotloop’s verification process. A variety of verification processes are available, and range from secure passwords to real-time provisioning.


Exporting PDFs is a business decision, not a software decision.

Dotloop has always been on the side of choice. We have always allowed the freedom to work the way that you wish to work; that freedom is what makes dotloop so flexible and user-friendly. Dotloop flattens all signed documents that are exported; advanced functionality such as PDF locking is available as well. As always, we recommend doing as much work as possible from within dotloop to maintain the highest level of tracking and version control.


Dotloop runs third-party security audits on a regular basis.

To maintain a high level of security, dotloop relies on best-in-breed, independent security firms to regularly test the platform. Additionally, internal and external penetration testing is performed quarterly on the digital dotloop production environment as well as the physical dotloop headquarters by a well-established security firm. An independent company performs continuous, automated and manual application testing as well.

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