Online Training Marathon


Dotloop-A-Palooza is a webinar training marathon created to accommodate the busy schedule of a real estate agent.

This consists of 6 one-hour BASIC and 6 one-hour ADVANCED training sessions – giving you 12 options to pick from.

Basic Training

Whether you just got started with dotloop or need a refresher, our basic training will help you navigate your dotloop account and efficiently close deals.

Times: 8am | 10am | 12pm | 2pm | 4pm | 6pm

  • Dotloop account overview
  • How to create a loop and update its status
  • How to work with interactive forms and PDFs
  • How to eSign documents
  • How to submit paperwork for review
  • Support resources within dotloop

Advanced Training

Experienced looper? Join our Advanced training session to learn about some of the popular features that will help you streamline transactions even further.

Times: 9am | 11am | 1pm | 3pm | 5pm | 7pm

  • How to create document templates
  • How to create re-usable task lists
  • Best practices for using “Easy-Offer”
  • How to link to a listing with offers in a loop
  • How to create a loop via email
  • How to email into templates

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these trainings free?

Absolutely! We’re here to help users get the most out of dotloop.

Do I need a Premium account to attend?

Having a dotloop Premium account is not necessary but a lot of the features that our team will show you how to use will be part of our Premium plan. To learn more about all the features that dotloop Premium has to offer, click below.

Learn more

Can I invite other agents to this training?

We hope you do! You can share this page ( with them via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Will the trainings be recorded?

Yes, we will post the webinar recordings 24-48 hours after the day of the session here.

What if I have issues with GotoWebinar?

GotoWebinar is a third party software the dotloop team uses to host webinars and cannot provide in-depth technical support but here are some quick tips.

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