Get More than e-signatures with dotloop Select for OwnerLand Realty | Dotloop

OwnerLand Agents get dotloop Select for $29/mo $12/mo!*

Access your forms, e-sign, share, store and close deals quickly on one end-to-end solution.


*Annual fee of $144 paid upfront.

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Covering the Basics

Stop downloading and uploading documents from one system to another and streamline your business with dotloop Select.

digital real estate signatures

From your basic e-Sign needs with audit trails to closing deals on the spot with in-person signing.

doc editing
Document Editing

Easily create and edit all of your real estate documents on the fly.

storage and audit trail
Audit Trail

Stay compliant by having a detailed history of every email sent, document signed, person added and more.

Work on the Go

Create a better client experience, anytime and anywhere, using your mobile device.

mobile solution for agents ands brokers
iOS and Android Apps

You’re always on-the-move and having the ability to edit, eSign and share contracts from anywhere, wins you deals.

SMS for real estate
Transact via Text

Increase client response time and natively share contracts via text while tracking conversations and activities.

edit on-the-go
Edit On-The-Go

Edit contracts from your phone or tablet using the robust document editor built into the dotloop app.

Templatized for Faster Transactions

Save time and increase productivity using pre-built templates that help you close deals quicker.

loop templates
Loop Templates

Use pre-built transaction templates to save time when creating new loops.

real estate document editing
Document Templates

Automatically add your association forms or create custom document templates with a robust text editor.

task templates
Task Templates

Setup your own reusable task lists to save time and energy when working deals.

One Platform, Multiple Benefits

Top-performers benefit from unlimited transactions, dedicated support, and much more.

real estate transaction templates
Unlimited Transactions

Have the flexibility you need to create all the transactions you need.

Phone + Email Support

Connect with real estate experts 7 days a week through email and phone.


Improve the client experience and trust by branding all of your emails with your logo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between dotloop Premium and dotloop Select?
Dotloop Select includes all of the dotloop Premium features you’re used to, and has the following additional benefits:

  • Loop templates have been customized by OwnerLand’s office managers to make creating transactions faster and more custom.
  • Custom OwnerLand documents (like sale closing reports for example) will be available, interactive, and capable of auto-filling information for you.
  • OwnerLand’s affiliated partners will be added to every transaction to make it easier for you to introduce them to your clients.
  • Dotloop Select only costs $12 per month (must sign up for a yearly subscription) while dotloop Premium costs $29/mo.

If I sign up for dotloop Select, will I still have access to the loops I’m working on now?
If you sign up for dotloop Select, a new profile will be added to your existing dotloop account. The loops you are working on now will still be accessible in your old profile, but you will use your new dotloop Select account to create new loops moving forward.

If I’m already paying for dotloop Premium on a month to month basis, should cancel my current payment?
Yes, you will want to cancel your existing dotloop Premium subscription. However, there is an exception: If you would like to continue to use dotloop Premium features while you close out the transactions in your existing profile, you may want to consider delaying your dotloop Premium cancellation. Dotloop Premium features include adding people to your team, attaching PDFs to emails, faxing documents, creating task templates, assigning specific due dates to tasks, creating clauses, and creating unlimited loops. When ready, you can cancel your dotloop Premium account in your ‘My Account’ section.

If I have already paid for a year of dotloop Premium upfront, can I get a pro-rated refund?
Yes, email, let them know that you are signing up for dotloop Select with OwnerLand Realty, and they will process your pro-rated refund.

If I’m licensed in KY, will I have access to interactive Northern Kentucky Association of Realtor forms?
Currently, interactive forms are not available in Northern KY.

If there is a custom Association and/or OwnerLand form that is not in my dotloop Select document library, how do I request that it be added?
Your office manager can request the addition of forms for your office.

I’m an office manager and would like to know how I request changes to my office’s setup, whether that be a form update, form addition/change, loop template modification, or affiliated partner addition/change.
All requests should be sent to Jeff and Ginni Barnhart who will coordinate with their dotloop Success Manager.

What is a loop template?
Loop templates can be chosen during the loop creation process. Loop templates load pre-determined documents and folders to a loop, providing a faster, more customized transaction experience for agents.