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Smarter Relationship and Transaction Management

Top agents integrate the AI-powered Cloze CRM with dotloop to automate tedious tasks that slow down the progression of prospects becoming closed-clients.

Nurture Prospects with the Help of AI in Cloze CRM, then Seamlessly Get Deals Done in Dotloop

The integration streamlines how you operate in three key ways:

dotloop Cloze integration

1. Contacts in Cloze Auto-sync to Dotloop

Contact information in Cloze auto-syncs from the Property section to the dotloop transaction.

2. Dotloop Docs Auto-sync to Cloze

Documents added to dotloop auto-sync to the files section of a transaction in Cloze.

3. Dotloop Tasks Auto-sync to Cloze

Tasks you add to dotloop auto-sync to Cloze and appear in the “To Do” area of the transaction.

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Whether you’re a broker recruiting through technology, a team leader looking to simplify compliance or an individual agent wanting to close deals with a single app, dotloop empowers you with a complete transaction management solution.

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