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dotloop + BombBomb

Combine dotloop with BombBomb to deliver automated video emails that display the right message, at the right time, to guide your buyers and sellers through the transaction process.

Use Video to Share Next Steps to Buyers and Sellers

The dotloop and BombBomb combo lets you communicate with your buyers and sellers through video so they know what happens next as their deals progress.

BombBomb integration with dotloop

Sync close dates and more to BombBomb

Key data like close dates can be synced from dotloop transactions to BombBomb to be used for automated video emails.

Show clients what to do next using video emails

Use BombBomb video emails to show your clients how they’ll be using dotloop throughout the buying and selling process.

Stay top-of-mind for clients post-sale

Leverage data in dotloop, like the close date, to send automated anniversary video emails and more.

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Already use BombBomb and dotloop? Click here to activate the integration, and be sure to check out tutorials on our support website.

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