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When Coordinating Hand-Offs Between Members Of A Real Estate Team Becomes A Challenge For Admins

A dotloop Case Study

How to increase collaboration in a real estate team

The admins for the Laura Miller Edwards Realty Group, were trying to support the nine agent team by using multiple login identities. Now using the dotloop Team Dashboard saves them hours a week.


The Laura Miller Edwards Realty Group is an eleven person team based in Marietta, GA. They are led by Laura Miller Edwards, business owner and broker.

Like a true real estate team, the nine agents comprising the group each have a specific role in the buying or selling process. The advantage of a team is that each specialist is able to work on the part of the transaction that they excel at. But for multiple agents to work efficiently on a single deal, they need to be able to hand it off seamlessly.

For the Laura Miller Edwards team this meant finding a real estate transaction management system that keeps documents and processes organized at every stage.


Juggling Multiple Accounts

The team model is great for clients and ideal for handling a large volume of business. However, as more agents are added it can present challenges to the admins who are supporting the workflow. For example, if admins are overseeing transactions for a team with just two or three agents, it’s possible to use their individual accounts—the admin logging in and out as needed. But as a team grows in size, the support personnel can find themselves spending excessive amounts of time juggling identities.

Laura Miller Edwards team Office Manager and Listing Coordinator Rachel Konieczny estimates that for her this extra step was adding up to two hours a week in extra work. Additionally, she found that managing a single deal across multiple accounts was sometimes creating unnecessary overlap, such as multiple instances of the same transaction.

And most importantly, there was no easy way to get a snapshot view of how the team was performing as a whole. Metrics like sales statistics and individual team member productivity had to be compiled from the separate accounts. In order for a team to function effectively, the leaders must be able to see at a glance how all the different “players” are functioning in their roles. Only then can they make informed decisions about what to change and where to add support.


Trying To Work From A Single Account

At first, Rachel thought she’d eliminated the need to log in and out of multiple accounts by simply keeping all the deals in the team leader’s account. Any other agents who need to work on the transaction were then added in.

While this solved the login problem, it created additional issues. Because the other agents didn’t “own” the deal they were added to, the were limited to what they could access and what changes they could make. This created needless bottlenecks in getting documents revised and quickly distributed for signing.

The team’s contact at Zillow heard about their problem and suggested that they try dotloop for Teams.

They did and saw immediate benefits.


One Dashboard To Rule Them All

With the Team Dashboard upgrade, Rachel and her co-admins were immediately able to log in and work in multiple accounts at one time. This allowed the agents to “own” their loops, making changes to documents and distributing as needed, and eliminating the problem of duplicate loops.

Now from her single dashboard login, Rachel is able to view the progress of all the team’s deals. And because she can work in multiple accounts simultaneously, she saves up to two hours per week in extra effort, not to mention the lower possibility for error that came with juggling identities.

As a result, the Laura Miller Edwards Group has been able to get more deals done more quickly, growing their business and keeping their clients very happy.

Dotloop has been a part of what’s made our team a success,” says Rachel. “I would recommend the Team Dashboard to anybody who’s running a high performing real estate team.”

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