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How Do I Keep Close Coordination Between
Multiple Real Estate Offices?

A dotloop Case Study

Scaling through the right infrastructure

Brokerages that year after year attract new agents and expand their business are able to do so because they leverage the right supporting infrastructure.



For a real estate business to continue to succeed and clients to continue to get market-leading service, brokers must find ways to provide their agents with the technology and administrative support they need.

When Joel and Carol Genzink began growing RE/MAX Lakeshore Realty in Holland, Michigan, they faced the above-mentioned challenges—and then added another one. In order to better serve their area, the Genzinks opened two remote offices, one thirty minutes to the north and the other thirty minutes to the south of their main office. Additionally, they added a fourth office near their original location.

With up to an hour between their furthest offices, making a quick drive to solve a problem was not an option. They were looking for technology that would do three things:

1. Help them support their agents in giving great customer service

2. Keep documents flowing between agents and clients and brokers so that revisions, signings, and archiving were not creating bottlenecks in getting deals done

3. Be easy enough to use that all agents would adopt it


The Search for a Solution

Broker Joel Genzink said that physically trying to service all four locations was out of the question. It was clear that scanning, faxing, and emailing PDFs to print out wasn’t going to work, but the form management software offered for free by their state realty association was too cumbersome.

Other solutions that included only document signing were impractical because they would require the addition of several other programs to work, adding complexity rather than simplifying things for busy agents.


Finding Success With Simplicity

When the Genzinks learned about dotloop being an end-to-end real estate transaction management solution, they were optimistic that this could be the solution they’d been looking for. And once they demoed the platform, they were sold.

“It gave us everything we needed, from the beginning to the end of the transaction,” – Joel Genzink.

From keeping deals organized in easy-to-follow loops to distributing only the most current version of any document, the platform automatically smoothed out a complex process, keeping everybody working efficiently.

“With the accelerated pace of today’s market, timing can be critical. Because dotloop allows us to get revised offers signed by clients often immediately, we have been able to close deals that we would have lost if we’d been using another platform.”– Joel Genzink.


Solving The Agent Adoption Challenge

Lakeshore Realty has enjoyed 100% adoption of dotloop by its agents. Joel cites its ease-of-use and also the fact that he immediately scheduled training after adopting the platform. In fact, the most impressive product demo he’d seen came during one of the training sessions.

“During one of our initial sessions, our team leader received a message that she needed to get signatures on a revised addendum, she was getting ready to leave the meeting when the trainer said, ‘Just use dotloop.’ Two minutes later she had it reviewed and signed. She was quite impressed.”– Joel Genzink.


Real Estate Technology Designed for Growth

As successful real estate brokerages grow, it’s important that they have a technology partner committed to solving the problems of coordination, communication, and agent adoption. They must find a solution that facilitates transmission of their winning culture while at the same time paying the dividends of increased efficiency.

For Joel and Carol at RE/MAX Lakeshore Realty these challenges were met by dotloop.

With four offices up to an hour apart, brokers Joel and Carol Genzink were looking for technology that could keep all 64 of their agents in perfect sync. Dotloop has helped them gain efficiency in document flow, compliance, and keeping remote locations continuously connected.

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