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For Century 21 North East, Dotloop has Multiplied
Business Five-Fold in 4 Years

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Jim D’Amico shares how dotloop has helped this leading New England brokerage go paperless while serving a critical role on the backend with compliance and review.



When Century 21 North East (formerly C21 North Shore) first began using dotloop in 2014, they were doing over $5 million in GCI. This year, the leading New England-based brokerage amassed $25 million in GCI, largely attributable to dotloop.

“I said, ‘OK, this is never going away. This is never going away. We’re keeping this software.’” -Jim D’Amico, Broker/Owner

Since the brokerage adopted dotloop as their real estate transaction management solution, they’ve also grown their agent base from 500 to 770 and expanded their footprint from Massachusetts to New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island.

“This system actually works. It’s something every agent wants and something consumers know about. It’s part of our growth and it’s helped us recruit agents and still helps us recruit agents. We’re just a cool company because we have it.” -Jim D’Amico, Broker/Owner

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