How The Blehm Group Leveraged Dotloop for Teams
to Drive Team Performance

A dotloop Case Study

A single, easy-to-use platform customized for your team

Heidi Verbrugge, Executive Assistant at The Blehm Group, shares how they’ve driven team performance by having the flexibility to customize their dotloop team dashboard around their existing processes.



Empowering admins and transaction coordinators with complete access to all transactions is just one of the benefits of adopting a platform designed specifically for real estate teams. For The Blehm Group, having the ability to create document and loop (transaction) templates that are unique to their team – on top of the ones provided by the market center – made agents more efficient and simplified compliance.

“When asked about dotloop for Teams, my response is always an adamant ‘Get it now, it’s worth the investment, you won’t be sorry, you’ll wish you would have done it sooner’.” -Heidi Verbrugge

dotloop for Teams

Built for Top Producing Real Estate Teams

In collaboration with top-producing real estate teams, dotloop created a transaction management platform that streamlines collaboration, simplifies compliance and gives team leaders real-time visibility into their business.


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