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How Michigan's Top Real Estate Team Grows to Over 1,000 Deals Per Year Through Technology

A dotloop Case Study

Avoiding bottlenecks that can slow you down

While growing to more than 1,000 transactions a year, Jeff Glover & Associates were finding it a challenge to keep documents organized and deals moving. By adopting dotloop for Teams they gained the efficiency to become Michigan’s most successful team.


The team at Jeff Glover & Associates Real Estate in the Detroit, MI area has been structured for speed. Understanding that time is of the essence for both buyers and sellers, their outside sales associates have excelled at moving deals quickly. So much so, that according to RealTrends for last year, they are by far the most successful team in Michigan in terms of dollar volume sold.

One of the reasons their sales team is able to do so many transactions is their extensive administrative support. Their team’s fifteen outside sales agents are supported by an admin staff of eight who oversee everything from marketing to compliance.

But on their way to the top the Jeff Glover & Associates team faced a number of hurdles. As they were growing their list of clients, they were finding it a challenge to keep documents organized and deals moving quickly.

Operations manager Taylor Kerrigan says that their technology wasn’t up to the task. And their system of emailing PDFs or faxing documents really showed its limits when they opened a second office.

“We found that our biggest problem was having the most current version of a document at one office when we needed it at the other,” she says.

Expanding to a second office not only added to the complexity of keeping transactions organized, but it further exacerbated a second problem–the inability to get timely signatures. The admins were finding that their current method (emailing a PDF to print out, sign and scan, or fax) was creating a bottleneck. Deals were not moving as quickly as they could.


Looking For An All-In-One Solution

Taylor says that they looked at document signing software, but soon realized they needed a solution that would solve all of their challenges.

She recalls, “Getting timely signatures was our biggest problem. We were relying on our clients to have access to a scanner or a fax machine. In some cases, we were having to send documents via UPS.”

But she says they realized that document signature software alone would not solve the problem of missing addendums, tracking the progress of each deal, and ultimately archiving everything.

The single solution they found that could do all these things and more was dotloop.


Keeping Everything In The Loop

The dotloop platform was designed for fast-moving real estate teams like Jeff Glover & Associates. It gave them an easy way for clients to sign documents from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. The way deals are organized in “loops” meant that both agents and admins could see at a glance what had been done and what needed to be completed next. And the most current version of any document could always be found in one place.

Now that they’ve been using dotloop for several years, Taylor says they’ve seen benefits beyond fast signing and organizing. Their clients love the simplicity that makes the platform so easy to use. And that user-friendly design also made it easy for their whole team to adopt it.

“I love how fast-paced our business is,” she says. “And I enjoy helping clients to have a ‘wow’ experience. I would recommend dotloop to any real estate team that wants to achieve their best.”

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