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The Ultimate Real Estate Recruiting Presentation Template

A Plug-and-Play Template for Real Estate Brokers and Teams Recruiting New Agents

Customizable Slides for Growing Brokers & Teams

To help you communicate your total recruitment package to prospective real estate agent recruits, we’ve created a recruiting presentation template (in PowerPoint) for you to customize with your unique offerings.

As a real estate broker, your business thrives on your ability to recruit and retain successful real estate agents. Yet, in today’s competitive environment, it’s not enough to simply hang a “we’re hiring” sign on the front window and lure prospects in solely on the basis of an attractive commission split.

The winning formula comes down to offering the right mix of mobile-first tech tools, cutting-edge training, authentic culture and a solid marketing plan, in addition to an attractive compensation plan.

This template will make it easier for you to present all of the great offerings you provide to help agents thrive and remain loyal to your brokerage.

You’ll want to use this template to let new agents know which tech tools you provide, the marketing programs you offer, what training looks like at your brokerage, how you structure commissions and what your culture says about you as a company. Remember, the examples we provided are only suggestions – the template is for you to customize and make your own.

Here’s a snapshot of the digital recruiting presentation template, including a few “Pro Tips” to help guide you along the way with best practices:

Attract Top-Producers with a Stunning Presentation

Slide 1: Company Intro

Introduce your company here and make sure to include the best contact information to make it easy for new recruits to easily get in touch with you.

Slide 2: Who We Are

Provide a quick overview of your company.

Slide 3: Recent Sales

Show off recent successes!

Slide 4: Our Vision

Your “Vision” page should answer why a new agent should believe in your group and compel them to learn more.


Most importantly, don’t confuse your brand story with your marketing message, but rather, share the underlying inspiration that drives you and your team.

Slides 5-6: Our Culture

Use this space to share what makes your group’s collective DNA unique.


The best way to sell your company culture is through the words of your own agents. Collect a few testimonials from the group and feature their smiling faces next to their quotes to make a compelling impression.

Slide 7: The Marketing Plan

Create a comprehensive summary of your marketing tools and resources, from supplementing ad costs to supporting social media.


Think of all the ways you set yourself apart from the competition – maybe it’s a killer in-house social media marketing or 3D floor plans and drone photography. Sell it here!

Slide 8: Training for Success

What does a strong success track look like for a new recruit at your brokerage?


To attract a healthy stream of top producers, keep your training offerings fresh and new.

Slide 9: An Integrated Tech Stack

Technology is the difference-maker between the offer that gets accepted and the one that hits the listing agent’s phone too late.


Younger tech-savvy agents want well-integrated systems that let them log in once and access all their tech from a centralized platform. And everyone wants mobile tech tools to transact remotely. Find out what new agents want and need most and deliver.

Slide 10: Dotloop One-Sheeter

Introduce new recruits to dotloop’s collaborative platform to edit, eSign and share documents; gain compliance; and close deals faster and more efficiently on one centralized platform.


Send your recruitment paperwork via dotloop to new recruits to get them comfortable with the transaction management software from Day One.

Need to Add the Dotloop Slide to your Presentation?

Already have a recruiting presentation you love, and just need the dotloop one-sheeter to add to your existing slides?

Win Over New Agents With a Compelling Close

Slide 11: Competitive Compensation

Highlight all compensation figures, including commission structures, splits and caps.


Make sure to include any and all benefits that add up to the total compensation package.

Slide 12: Philanthropic Programs

How does your team or brokerage give back to the community you serve? Share the love here.


Make sure to include lots of pictures from previous philanthropic events.

Slides 13-15: Meet the Team

Use these slides to tell the history of your brokerage or team’s founder and share your agents’ bios.

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