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How To Speed Up Real Estate Transactions with Google Integrations

Gabriel Hagstrom

By Gabriel Hagstrom, Dotloop Guest Blogger

March 05, 2021 | comments

Staying Organized and Having a Few Key Integrations in Place Can Greatly Help To Reduce Transaction Time

There’s a concept in physics known as entropy, which acknowledges that a system left to itself will gradually slide into disorder and chaos.

In real estate, organization doesn’t just happen. Operations left unmanaged can become progressively more chaotic.

Being organized may conjure images of color-coded binders, rows of neat filing cabinets or an obsessive adherence to a day planner. In reality, professionals who are organized simply have systems in place that help them know where things are, when things are happening and who will be involved.

By making sure those systems are easy to maintain, you can avoid the entropy trap and speed up the transaction with just a few minutes of work everyday. You just need to get into the routine. As real estate supercoach Tom Ferry is fond of saying, “Routine is the sign of an ambitious individual.”

Not only will having clear, well-organized systems allow you to become a top producer and save time; it also creates a smoother onboarding for new agents, admins and TCs while diminishing the burnout that can result from a 70+ hour work week when systems are in disarray.

You may have read about some tactics like “time blocking” and “goal setting,” but let’s talk about the underlying pieces that make those tactics possible and let you know where things are, when things are going to happen and who the people are that will make it all happen.

Using dotloop in your real estate business already puts you way ahead of the pack with regard to staying organized, and there are absolutely some best practices that can help ensure you’re set up for success.

Dotloop’s Tasks and Templates, for example, can help you get more done in less time. Tasks simply provide an itemized to-do list that alerts you or others when certain tasks must be completed. Templates let agents, admins and TCs import all necessary documents for a specific transaction into a loop. You can also create your own folders in the Templates section to better manage and organize all frequently used transaction documents. This helps agents, teams and brokerages quickly scale processes by reducing the work to a single click.

Here are a few additional integration tools powered by API Nation that can help you integrate with Google Workspace products to cut your transaction time and get organized.

Integrating with Google Contacts, Google Calendar and Google Drive

Available in the dotloop apps and integration directory, these integrations are quick and easy to turn on, connecting the data you add to dotloop to apps you use everyday on your phone.

Google Drive

The Google Drive integration creates incredibly useful spreadsheets of your loops, contacts and people in the loops while backing up your loop documents into neatly organized folders in Google Drive. All of this happens in real time, like a virtual assistant who copies and summarizes your work so that it’s easily shareable via Gmail and easy to reference in case of an audit.

Google Calendar

Missing a deadline is not an option for a top producer. Organized professionals always know what is happening when, thanks largely to the Google Calendar integration, which automatically adds all important dates and Tasks from your loops to your Google Calendar in real time. This integration provides a handy agenda at a glance, allowing you to be prepared and present for every client.

Google Contacts

How often has your phone rang and displayed an unknown phone number, which you a) ignored, which resulted in you missing an important lead, or b) answered but couldn’t match the property with the client calling? Syncing your dotloop account to your Google Contacts eliminates the guessing game by syncing your contacts automatically to your smartphone.

Integrating with all of these tools in dotloop will create the timesaving organization that will help your business run more efficiently and free your time to close more deals and be a top producer.

Gabriel Hagstrom - Content Marketing Specialist at API Nation

Gabriel Hagstrom

Gabe Hagstrom has been designing and executing marketing strategies for over a decade across the real estate, tech, ecommerce and fitness industries. He gets out of bed everyday with a mission to make complicated ideas simple. Along with the rest of the team at API Nation, he has set out to build a platform where the complications of connecting and automating a world of apps are made simple. You can find him in San Diego, teaching hundreds of real estate professionals how to run their business and marketing more efficiently by connecting and automating their applications.