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[Webinar] Creating a Successful Real Estate Email Marketing Strategy



February 19, 2021 | comments

Practical Ways Top Agents Use Email Marketing to Stay Connected with Clients Pre and Post Sale

Master real estate email marketing with practical tips from Constant Contact’s digital marketing guru Matt Montoya and dotloop Strategic Partnerships Manager Byrd Bergeron.


Key takeaways from the webinar:

Email Marketing is a Powerful Channel for Agents

  • for every $1 spent on email marketing, there’s a $44.25 average ROI
  • the average open rate for the real estate industry is 15%
  • the average click through rate (CTR) for the real estate industry is 6%
  • email gets delivered 90+% (vs. 2% of Facebook posts)
  • 91%+ of people check their email daily and 88% check it regularly on their phones
  • only a third of people open an email based on the subject line

The Most Engaging Emails…

  • contain fewer words and fewer images
  • are more mobile friendly and the content is easy to read on a phone
  • include calls to action that are easy to find
  • feature bold branding
  • Make it clear who’s the sender – that’s what drives email opens
  • “tease” higher open rates with customized preheader text

quote from real estate pro

“Every time someone clicks on something in an email, they’re telling you something about themselves.”

Matt Montoya
Channel Marketing and Enablement Manager at Constant Contact


The Best Subject Lines Feature…

  • no more than 4-7 words
  • 40 characters max
  • “you” or “you’re” as often as possible to personalize
  • brackets to make it standout
  • emojis – can be powerful engaging tool
  • personalization
  • questions

3 is the Magic Number. Create Emails that Contain…

  • 3 articles or less – 25 lines of text
  • 3 images or less
  • 3 calls to action max (things they can click on)

Agents Love Constant Contact Because of…

  • mobile responsive real estate templates
  • direct posts to social media
  • 5-digit phone number to easily capture new contact information
  • audience segmentation based on what people click
  • free U.S.-based support and education

Integrate dotloop to Streamline Your Email Marketing Efforts

  • stay top-of-mind with your clients using the APINation-powered integration
  • every loop (transaction) created in dotloop can be automatically added to Constant Contact
  • create lists segmented by roles for powerful messaging
  • generate instant email newsletter audiences

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