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How Tech Helps Brokers and Team Leads Recruit and Retain



January 27, 2021 | comments

Q&A with Ken Laroza, Director of Broker Relations at Zillow

From office receptionist and admin to office manager, broker on record and now Zillow Director of Broker Relations, Ken Laroza shares with dotloop’s Byrd Bergeron how technology has shaped his personal real estate journey and how brokers and teams lead by learning.

The first thing Ken Laroza wants you to know about real estate technology is while relationships bring in recruiting prospects, technology helps you retain them.

The second thing you need to know is you don’t know what you don’t try — tech is learned by doing. To lead, you must first learn.

In a casual conversation with dotloop’s Strategic Partnerships Manager Byrd Bergeron, you’ll hear Laroza’s take on how technology offers the driving force behind brokerages… and how not to get left behind.


quote from real estate pro

“Start learning, start educating yourself, start being a student of everything. Look in the industry but also look outside the industry. Some say, ‘Why fix things that aren’t broken?’ Well, that’s great but pagers weren’t broken — they just weren’t the most efficient. So we have to look outside as well as inside the industry and test everything. Be the first to know something.”

Ken Laroza
Zillow Director, Broker Relations


Key Takeaways for Aspiring Brokers and Team Leaders

  • Taking the time to research and identify new technology that will improve efficiencies for both admins and agents
  • From pagers and Blackberries to iPhones and real estate transaction management softwares, technology is evolving
  • Adopting and adjusting tech: a sure signal to agents and teams that you’re on the pulse
  • Partnering with teams to test new real estate technology platforms and software
  • Using your CRM to build “habits of success”
  • Not letting your business run you by building time into your schedule to stay organized
  • Creating the ultimate customer experience with a seamless, end-to-end transaction system and centralized home document hub
  • Finding new inspiration, in and out of the industry
  • Advancing your real estate career by being a “forever student”
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