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3 Key Aspects of an Effective Real Estate Agent Recruitment Process


Dr. Ben Spears

September 24, 2020 | comments

Pave the Way to Hiring More Quality Agents at Your Brokerage by Implementing These Strategies and Tactics

Helping brokerages ace the hiring process is a goal that is near and dear to the hearts of Dr. Ben Spears and Matt Vigh. In fact, it’s the cornerstone of the company they co-own, Prospect Boomerang.

Needless to say, they were excited to pull back the curtain a bit to reveal some of the foundational content of their popular Redwood Recruiting Program.

Here, we have packaged together a 3-part video series that highlights important strategies and tactics to follow as you search for your next superstar agent. And it all starts with your mindset…

VIDEO 1: Recruiting vs. Retention — A Manager’s Mindset

In the first video, which lives on the Prospect Boomerang website, we explore the difference between a recruitment-minded manager vs. a retention-minded manager.

VIDEO 2: Getting High Quality Appointments

Do your agent recruits fit inside your real estate office culture? What’s the difference between a high quality appointment and an interview? How do you prequalify prospective recruits?

In this second installment of the 3-part series on recruiting, we explain:

  • The meaning of a “high quality appointment” for prospective recruits
  • What makes a good office culture
  • The right prequalifying questions to ask to ensure you have a good fit
  • Where and how to connect with potential quality appointments
  • Action steps to help you engage new agents and get more appointments

VIDEO 3: Appointments vs. Interviews

While equally important, the process to gain high quality appointments and interviews with real estate agents is quite different.

In this final installment video on recruiting, we cover:

  • The difference between a high quality appointment and an interview
  • Different ways to connect with the right prospective agents
  • How to set up a high quality appointment for a successful candidate
  • Digital tools such as dotloop, which can assist brokers with recruiting and onboarding
  • What a successful start-to-finish quality appointment and interview looks like
Dr. Ben Spears, Co-owner of Prospect Boomerang

Dr. Ben Spears

Dr. Ben Spears has always pushed the boundaries of his business endeavors. After selling a successful chiropractic business, he got his real estate license, crushed his first couple of years, and quickly discovered his passion for marketing and hasn’t looked back. He quickly grew Prospect Boomerang, and now is obsessed with helping Brokerages reach their full potential in this digital landscape.

Matt Vigh, Co-owner of Prospect Boomerang

Matt Vigh

Matt Vigh is a broker of BHHS Florida Properties Group, one of the largest brokerages in the Tampa area. Matt also co-owns Prospect Boomerang with Dr. Ben Spears. He began his Real Estate Career in the late 1990s and evolved from a top producing agent to successful business owner and broker.