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Leading by Example as Both a Real Estate Agent and Broker



July 08, 2020 | comments

Q&A with Rett Harmon, Agent & Co-Owner of Century 21 Novus

In conversation with dotloop’s Strategic Partnerships Manager Byrd Bergeron, Century 21 Novus agent and co-owner Rett Harmon reveals how to effectively lead a brokerage while staying active in the buying and selling side of the business.


Balancing Being an Active Agent and Running a Brokerage

Since 2014, Century 21 Novus co-owner Rett Harmon has led a successful brokerage with his partner Curtis North in the West Metro Atlanta and East Alabama area. In less than six years, they’ve grown the brokerage from five to nearly 50 agents while maintaining their own book of listings. In this exclusive video interview with dotloop, Harmon discusses:

  • How to lead by example
  • How brokers who also buy and sell can add value to the entire brokerage
  • Recruiting when you’re both the broker and an active agent
  • Marketing the brokerage and agents without conflict
  • How a managing broker can provide the key link between the agent, customer and broker
  • Value-add packages brokers can offer their agents
  • Creating an office that’s unified versus competitive
  • Tech tools that can help provide real-time transparency for brokers
  • Tips for agents thinking about making the transition to broker
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