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May 03, 2019 | comments

Connect Your Platforms to Seamlessly Track ROI, Nurture Leads, Measure Agent Performance and More

In this part 1 of a three-part series, dotloop’s leading CRM and lead gen integration partners detail how syncing to their systems saves real estate pros time and money.

From CRMs and marketing systems to transaction management and back-end accounting platforms, the real estate software space has become increasingly crowded over the last several years.

On the one hand, this ever-expanding field of software options gives agents, admins and brokers more resources to source, reach and convert high quality leads. Smart tech is also providing real estate pros with more resources to market to these leads more efficiently, track their ROI, monitor agent performance and calculate commission splits more accurately.

While some software systems make it difficult for their users to access their data, dotloop operates an “open API,” allowing users to easily sync their dotloop account with all their real estate software systems and “own” their data even if they exit. Here’s one user’s account of how dotloop’s open API has been a great asset to his business.

On the other hand, disparate platforms that aren’t properly integrated will quickly prove unwieldy for agents juggling multiple systems to run their business. Needless repetitive data re-entry and missed lead opportunities are a few of the headaches that can easily occur.

Dotloop’s API was built to help simplify the integration puzzle and allow its users to easily sync data between its transaction management platform and its integration partners.

“We know it takes dozens of programs to manage a real estate business. Unfortunately, most of these programs keep your data in a silo. The result is having to enter the same information in multiple places, manage multiple databases and often losing your data if you change software providers. Dotloop’s Connect program makes it easy to share and sync data with more than 60+ integration partners, resulting in a more streamlined workflow and giving you back control of your data.”
– Jason Reinking, dotloop’s Director of Business Development

In this first part of a three-part series on dotloop integrations, we’ve listed dotloop’s most popular CRM and lead gen integration partners and the benefits they offer real estate pros. At the end of this blog, there’s a link to a short survey where we invite you to tell us which software systems you’re using in your real estate practice to help better serve you with future integrations.

Market Leader

What the Integration Offers

Since 1999, Market Leader has been providing real estate professionals technology to manage and grow their businesses. Through the Market Leader/dotloop integration, real estate pros are able to increase their productivity by eliminating the need to manage their business from multiple systems. When the information is synced across both systems, users are able to reduce errors in multiple-point data entry and use their Market Leader CRM to seamlessly initiate, view and update their dotloop real estate transactions, or “loops.”

“As true technology partners, identifying and streamlining processes to improve agent productivity is a fundamental part of our mission. The Market Leader-dotloop integration provides agents with the ability to manage and track every deal, regardless of where the lead originated, and save agents valuable time on the back end that’s better spent in front of their business.”
– Jenn Tervo, Senior Trainer of Customer Success at Market Leader

Through the Market Leader and dotloop integration, contacts in the Market Leader CRM will automatically update with transaction information from dotloop, providing end-to-end insights that allow users to monitor, identify and optimize conversion rates.

Points of Differentiation

Using the Market Leader CRM, agents can track the point of origin for leads, segment their database using pre-built or customized groups, and leverage marketing and drip campaign automation to stay engaged with their leads and sphere.

Market Leader’s suite of front-office solutions feature a robust CRM with lead activity alerts and insights, a branded IDX website that captures leads and their search criteria, an integrated marketing center with a library of thousands of customizable templates and multichannel campaigns, and listing marketing automation with MLS integration that automatically markets an agent’s listings as soon as they hit the MLS.

Additionally, with Market Leader’s Lead Stream, users can funnel their leads from multiple sources directly into their Market Leader CRM and begin tracking, managing and marketing to contacts from almost any lead source instantly.

The CRM platform also offers its users lead generation services and, according to Tervo, remains the only service provider in the industry that guarantees both lead quantity and exclusivity.

How to Integrate

To sync Market Leader and dotloop accounts, access the Integrations page from the Market Leader Admin menu. Next, click the Connect button next to dotloop. A prompt will ask the user to log in to the dotloop account and authorize the integration. Once integrated, Market Leader contact information will automatically sync with the transaction data in dotloop. For more information on the integration, click here.


What the Integration Offers

Agents who integrate their dotloop accounts with BoomTown’s CRM discover two main benefits of the popular front-end platform. One, the user’s lead contact and property information syncs automatically via a transaction form field in BoomTown’s Lead Profile page.

“This eliminates data re-entry, ensures the information is accurate and gives the agent a more seamless experience using the two technologies,” says BoomTown Product Marketing Launch Manager Brian Ostrowiak.

Second, an integration between BoomTown’s CRM system and dotloop’s transaction management platform yields a wealth of reporting data to give agents and brokers more insight into their lead gen ROI while also providing referral opportunities.

“If you start a lead in BoomTown and close the deal in dotloop, you’ll understand that this lead came from this source, that the lead put this offer on this property and closed at this day and time. As a result, it helps you understand your ROI. Also, when you know the client bought this property at this point in time, it provides a referral point a year later for the agent to put in a residency application for a lower tax rate or check in at the one-year anniversary. Having that information synced helps build referrals and keeps the conversation active with clients over the long term.”
– Brian Ostrowiak, BoomTown Product Marketing Launch Manager

Points of Differentiation

BoomTown’s technology provides a strategic means of segmenting consumers via advanced lead filtering tools. For instance, an agent can see who’s been engaging on their site recently and who’s been looking at specific neighborhoods and price points. The front-end IDX website helps put the agent “in the right place at the right time,” says Ostrowiak.

“You can have just a CRM — a contact database and automation — with bulk texting, bulk email, automated drip plans, tagging and call logging. But if you combine that with a website that shows you where in your database your leads are shopping and how to prioritize that information, you get a higher level of intelligence that lets the agent take action accordingly.”
– Brian Ostrawiak, BoomTown Product Marketing Launch Manager

The CRM platform also presents hot lead opportunities on its “Opportunity Wall,” which shows consumer activity on the site and identifies dormant leads that have resurfaced.

One of the newer features is a Vitals Report for brokers, which evaluates client’s overall use and performance of the platform, says Ostrowiak. The tool gives brokers insight into how well their agents are managing leads and how often agents are using the system. “For us, we’ve shown that’s been a real driver and differentiator of success,” he says.

A similar tool specifically tailored to agents, which will report such metrics as response time, contacts who need followup and clickable reports of which contacts they need to connect with for best practices, is slated to release this month.

How to Integrate

Once the user is signed into both their dotloop and BoomTown accounts, they can click on the “transaction” button in their BoomTown Lead Profile page and select the type of transaction, such as “pre-contract” or “under close” from a dropdown menu. From here, users can select the “Sync to dotloop” checkbox and select a dotloop template for the transaction. Once the user has chosen a contract status, the system will ask for information about the property, which will sync and add to the loop in dotloop. For more information on the integration, click here.


What the Integration Offers

Formerly known as Commissions Inc, this all-in-one lead gen and CRM platform features a robust lead generator on the front end and an automated CRM on the back end to fill the agent’s pipeline and optimize lead conversion.

The dotloop integration allows clients to quickly send information from the CRM to dotloop’s transaction management platform, update the loop status in real time and eliminate the need to have multiple tabs open at one time.

The core CINC Pro product has always catered to teams of four or more agents. Popular for its sophisticated lead routing tool, CINC Pro helps teams manage lead distribution by location, zip code or price, while giving team leads tools to gain visibility into individual agents’ calls, emails and other performance metrics.

In the last year, however, the platform has rolled out CINC Pro Agent for individual agents; CINC Pro Lender for loan officers; and CINC Pro Enterprise for brokerages of 100+ agents.

Points of Differentiation

Using industry leading sources such as Google Pay Per Click and Facebook Ads, CINC’s in-house client marketing team take a hyperlocal approach to supplement the agent’s individual leads with high-quality leads that are far along on their real estate shopping journey, says CINC Senior Product Manager Rebekah Parks.

“Anyone can do Google Pay Per click and Facebook Advertising, but it would take them a long time to optimize and do it more efficiently. We’re doing that on behalf of 50,000 top-performing agents and 3,000 elite teams,”
– Rebekah Parks, CINC Senior Product Manager

As one of only two Google Premier Partners in the real estate space, “CINC has 3 million leads delivered every year and manages 4 million keywords on behalf of our clients,” she says. “Also, on a single client account we’ll have anywhere between 40,000 to 50,000 keyword modifications per month. We’re constantly optimizing to make sure we’re delivering the highest quality leads at the lowest cost. By doing that, we can decrease the cost per lead by 20% year over year.”

On the back end, the CINC CRM automates emails, manages email drip campaigns and provides a texting tool as well as a dialer — “everything they need to keep their leads engaged when they’re ready to buy or sell,” she says.

Most recently, CINC released Behavioral Messaging, an automated texting tool that sends texts to clients on behalf of the agent based on a specific client behavior, such as property views or opening emails. For instance, if a client views a specific property, they may receive a text that acknowledges their interest in the property and prompts them for a showing.

“It gets the initial conversation going for the agent on their behalf. We’ve definitely seen an increase in text open rates and response rates. That’s why it’s been so successful.”
— Rebekah Parks, CINC Senior Product Manager

How to Integrate

Within the CINC account, navigate to the “Profile and Settings” page by clicking on the user’s name in the top right corner of the platform. Click on the “integrations” tab on the left of the “Profile and Settings” page. Scroll toward the bottom of the page to locate the dotloop integrations section. Log in to your dotloop account, authorize the integration and click “Approve.” Once synced, users will be able to view and manage profile details, contact details and template details as well as start and manage loops.For more information on the integration, click here.

Follow Up Boss

What the Integration Offers

Follow Up Boss pulls in leads from more than 200 lead sources in the real estate space, including via a direct integration with Zillow. The platform’s routing features give users control of how those leads are distributed, such as first to claim, round-robin and specific variables like zip code, price point or MLS number.

“There are many options to make sure the right agent gets each lead,” says Dave Lawrence, Head of Growth for Follow Up Boss.

When a user integrates their dotloop and Follow Up Boss accounts, they can visualize what’s happening with their business via a drag-and-drop pipeline. “Because it’s right inside the sales CRM, users can see reports on conversion rate, commissions and total sales volume broken down by the agent who closed it and the lead source where it originated,” says Lawrence. “This enables team leaders to make much stronger decisions as it relates to their marketing spend and personnel.”

Points of Differentiation

This CRM platform provides strong integration with email, syncing all conversations on the phone or desktop, as well as a two-way integrated texting feature that enables agents to carry the conversation on the mobile app or the website.

Follow Up Boss also has fully integrated calling features in the app and on the website to facilitate inbound and outbound calls. “This enables all of those inquiries from listing signs and other marketing to flow directly into your CRM to keep things organized and to minimize the risk of losing those opportunities,” says Lawrence. “Everything synced to one system puts real estate pros in a stronger position to better manage their business. Reporting gets stronger, and performance and personnel decisions become more powerful.”

How to Integrate

Follow Up Boss users create “deals” in the system, which helps visualize and quantify the client pipeline. Once the user has added the deal name, value, projected closing date and contact info, they can start a loop for that client in dotloop by checking the “Add to dotloop” box and specifying a template. As a result, the client’s contact information will sync with the new transaction loop in dotloop. For more information on the integration, click here.

Integrating your favorite front-end system with dotloop will help save valuable time and improve efficiency while diminishing costly compliance errors. Visit our directory for a complete list of dotloop’s 60+ integration partners. And don’t miss next month’s Integrations Part 2 blog, when we discuss the benefits of syncing dotloop with Google Suite and other favorite marketing and automation systems.

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