3 Ways To Recruit Millennial Real Estate Agents



February 02, 2017 | comments

A generation critical to your brokerage

1. Create a workplace environment they’ll want to join

Millennials get excited about places that embody the three Ts:

Transparency: They want you to be open with them about how your brokerage is really doing; the good, the bad, and the ugly. This builds trust and makes them want to pitch in to make necessary improvements.

Team-Oriented: Millennials thrive in group settings. Make sure your brokerage fosters teamwork and gives agents the opportunity to collaborate.

Technologically Up-To-Date: Gen Yers are tech-savvy and will expect tools that allow them to work on the go, communicate effectively, and simplify business.


2. Offer professional development

Millennial agents value education and will be drawn to real estate brokerages that will help them grow and evolve throughout their career. But they’re looking for more than your typical “how-to” training. So make sure to teach creative tips and tricks that take systems and software above and beyond. Offer continual support and educational opportunities, whether it be in the form of webinars, virtual training sessions, self-paced learning activities or meetings. Tackle new techniques, train agents in the latest real estate technology and offer feedback for improving skill sets.


3. Make yourself visible to Millennials

If you don’t have a presence on the major social media platforms, for this generation you might as well not exist. You don’t have to try to be fully active on six different networks. Just pick two and share consistently. And of course, your website should also be up-to-date with a fresh interface.

Show up in your community by picking a philanthropic project for agents, and getting involved. Millennials are often interested in companies that give back to the community and are working toward a bigger vision. Getting involved in the community is also a great way to meet and interact with people from this group who might be a good fit for your brokerage.


You can cave an impact on the future of real estate

The whole purpose of recruiting Millennial real estate agents to work for your brokerage is so that they can gain from your industry knowledge and carry the baton for the next generation of customer service.

Millennials have a lot to offer the real estate industry. They’re a highly motivated, well-educated group that’s willing to work closely with colleagues and go the extra mile for clients.

The future of real estate will soon be in the hands of Millennial agents.

This group of young, entrepreneurial men and women has already changed how we travel, how we enjoy entertainment, and how we interact online. There’s no doubt they will soon transform how we buy and sell real estate.

Born sometime between 1980 and 2000, this 80 million-strong generation is already the largest group first-time homebuyers this country has ever seen. But when it comes to working in the real estate profession, they’re not interested in joining offices that are stuck in the past.

In their careers, they’re looking for much more than a paycheck. They want to work for a company that’s making a difference–to its employees, clients, and its community.

If you want to attract and keep Millennial real estate agents, here are three recruting keys to help you stand out.

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