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3 Easy Ways to Maximize Your dotloop Profile’s Effectiveness



October 08, 2015 | comments

When you first started with dotloop, you probably just wanted to get your profile up and running to work through a deal.

However, if it’s been a few months, you most likely still have a modestly completed profile. And while it’s working, it probably isn’t providing you maximum effectiveness in terms of professional image and efficiency.

Here are three simple updates that will enhance your profile’s performance – and take you less than ten minutes to make.

This Business is Personal: Upload Your Mug Shot

Ok, maybe not really a mug shot, but we do suggest uploading your most approachable looking personal photo to your dotloop profile. This is the image that will be associated with your name in your loop and on emails to your clients representing you as the brand and your service.

dotloop understands your business is about building strong people relationships and creating memorable experiences your clients will love and refer. With your profile photo, you can provide that personal ‘very human’ high touch with the added benefit of high tech.

Click to learn more about uploading your profile photo.

Love Redundant Data Entry…Not: Update Your Company Info

Unless you a part of the rare minority, you’re probably like many of us…more than over the constant re-entry of the exact same information so commonly found in this business, especially when it comes to transactions.

Well, we have good news. When you update your company information, including address and phone number in your dotloop profile, you only have to enter it once. Yes, we did say once. Any of the forms you use with corresponding mapped fields when you create a loop will pre-populate with the information entered in your profile.

Click to learn more about updating your company information.

Thy Inbox Runneth Over: Set Your Notification Preferences

It’s frequently a delicate balance between information overload and lack of communication to stay in the know. What things are truly urgent and require our attention? What can you look at later? This is particularly true as it relates to our email inboxes.

So, if you’re looking to put a governor on that inbox engine or increase the floodgate, you’ve got the keys. In your dotloop profile, you can set to receive (or not) notifications when documents are signed, review stage are changed or daily task reminders are sent. And you can even control the frequency of your valuable, but not urgent, agent activity report.

Click to learn more about setting your account notification preferences.

Seems pretty simple, eh? So how about you take the next ten minutes to do these three quick updates and maximize that profile of yours?