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Task reminders, individual task & message assignment and more!



February 06, 2015 | comments

To make the dotloop experience better for you, we bring updates and fixes every Thursday night. Every update of dotloop includes improvements for speed and reliability as well as additional features to help you do more with dotloop.

Our innovation team was hard at work this week making a laundry list of enhancements to the product that allow for a better user experience, increased efficiency and to answer the suggestions and requests that several of you have been sharing over the past few months.

task reminder email notifications

all users now have the ability to set up daily task reminders using a new email notification preference. This functionality will notify users through email of tasks – that were created by them or assigned to them – are due the next day, or overdue. With a subject line of “dotloop-today – X tasks” you can easily identify what you need to complete and stay on top of all of the tasks that go into getting a deal done.

new document signature notifications

Now, when your clients sign documents on dotloop they will receive an email confirmation notifying them that they have successfully signed – ensuring there isn’t any confusion on whether or not they completed the documents successfully.

send doc signed emails to signers

previously once a document was signed, an email would be sent to the requester of that signature confirming the document has been signed. With our latest enhancement, the signer will also receive confirmation – removing any doubt from signers about documents being received and properly completed.

individual task and message assignment to admins

Based on your feedback, we realized that not all messages and tasks required all of your admins’ attention. With that, we’ve created individual task and message assignment – allowing you to specifically identify who needs to be notified! All admins will have the ability to view the tasks and messages but will not be notified.

That’s all folks! Be sure to check back every week to learn about the updates as they get released, and if you have any questions check out our support page!