#Peoplework HARD At Work: How LockboxCombos Put A New Spin On dotloop


Greg Dipaolo

March 19, 2014 | comments

dotloop is a system that makes life simpler for real estate professionals and their customers, just like LockboxCombos system! Check out what the Founder of LockboxCombos has to say….

Nina Plotner-Romero is the founder & CEO of LockboxCombos in Marina del Rey, California. Her business allows real estate agents to store & share access to their lockbox combinations in a cloud-based system; the company was inspired by an experience she had with her own REALTOR a few years ago. For nearly half an hour, Nina’s agent searched for the lockbox combination while they stood outside a property. Nina knew that a solution was needed, and thus, LockboxCombos was born.

LockboxCombos is used primarily for storage and Nina has created a one-of-a-kind business with it. Want to find out more about it? Read on.

Now, a growing number of LockboxCombos users are dotloop DASHBOARD users, too. So, how does it work for them? Let’s find out.

dotloop: You’re a little different from our usual customer. Can you tell us a little bit about how dotloop has made your business better?

Nina: Oh! It’s so much better. Before LockboxCombos—and before dotloop—agents had to call, text, or email listing agents in order to get lockbox combinations. The responses were often slow (if they ever came at all), and that put both agents and their customers at a huge disadvantage. More and more real estate agents are automating their processes to get work done faster and more efficiently. We think dotloop revolutionized that idea. LockboxCombos’ storage options make it easy for customers to keep track using an automated system; combinations are easily accessed via any mobile device. It’s pretty cool.

dotloop: Are there any specific challenges or goals that LockboxCombos faces that are unique? With your business, I’m sure there must be.

Nina: dotloop was the perfect fit to get our message across. The similarity of the two system’s storage capabilities, ease of use, and mobile accessibility (not to mention the fact that it’s already used by thousands of agents across the country) made it a great fit. We’re looking for ways to market our service to get more listing agents on board; we think it’s going to be a great match.

dotloop: We love to hear that! You’re taking an automated solution and using it to help people. That’s human. That’s peoplework. What does that mean to you?

Nina: For our purposes, it means taking an age-old problem and creating a simple solution for it. Cloud-based storage has so many applications that can help people work better together. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s better. That’s peoplework to us.

dotloop: You’re gonna fit right in here. Is there anything else about dotloop and LockboxCombos that we don’t know about? Anything we should know?

Nina: We have so many great tools at our disposal these days. Systems like dotloop and LockboxCombos are key facets of being a successful REALTOR. They let agents save time and money, not to mention keep organized (no more post-it notes!) These tools are great timesavers and REALTORS’ clients will be impressed by how on top of things they are! And that’s the name of the game, right?

Nina & LockboxCombos have taken a problem that was calling out for a solution and created it using the killer combo (no pun intended) of human ingenuity and creativity. When we talk about peoplework,THIS IS IT. Human companies work. And this is a perfect example.

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