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December 11, 2013 | comments

Don’t just work harder, work effectively.

Andrew Bristow of Coldwell Banker in Utah wants the best for his agents and for his clients. He wants them all to know that they are the front-runners in Salt Lake City’s real estate community. He wanted a tool to make his agents’ jobs easier and his clients’ lives simpler. He wanted the most advanced technology available, but something that was user-friendly and easy to implement.

“We have incredibly high demand for innovation from our clients, who are increasingly tech-savvy, but even more so from our agents. They want a more seamless, smooth transaction,” he told us when we visited him at his office. “So when dotloop came to us, we knew it was the perfect fit. dotloop had the technology and the powerful platform, but it wasn’t pushed on us as a cookie-cutter package. It was presented as a platform that we could customize to make our business and our lives work better. The support we’ve experienced with dotloop, from tech support straight on up to upper management, is second-to-none.”

Andrew & his team know the power of simplicity. They know the power of peoplework. They know the power of dotloop.

Isn’t it time you got to know us, too?

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