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September 11, 2013 | comments

Hey Loopers, as you may or may not know, we’ve been working with the Arizona Association of REALTORS to make available AAR forms within dotloop for about 12 months now. As of yesterday, we’re in the process of amending our AAR forms agreement to meet a specific request of the Association.

Here’s what this is about:

Have you ever used “save as” in Microsoft, or “duplicate” in Apple Preview? Have you ever uploaded a document into a PDF editing software like adobe or a signature solution to write on top of it? dotloop has a similar feature called “copy to”, which is highly used by our super loopers while working better together with others and getting deals done.

AAR has expressed concerns (stated in this blog post) that a user can work from old documents that are in an old transaction folder (aka: loop) or “copy” old interactive documents to a new loop. They have asked that we disable the ability for a user to work from old documents that are in a loop if they are no longer an active AAR member.

This is a new request for us and our users tell us that “copy to” is a great feature with a positive experience, though we respect AAR’s request and are working towards a solution that allows AAR (and, indeed, all of our association partners) to disable this feature at their will or work towards a solution that fulfill their “concerns”.

You might ask, what’s the issue with my SAVE AS?

We’re always open to feedback assuming it’s in the best interest of our users and the experience at large, and have maintained an ongoing dialogue with our partner associations to improve the dotloop experience. This has led us to implement a number of innovations our partners can take advantage of, including:

1. NRDS provisioning: An association partner of dotloop can now prevision their members, update and confirm that only their active members have access to their forms library through NRDS number (previously, the default option was through a secure association code).

2. Advanced locking of exported documents: Our stance at dotloop has always been to enable what people can do with paper but better (thus we don’t agree with what people typically think of locked documents though we do believe in choice). So we allow any dotloop association partner to enable the auto-locking of documents when exported.

3. AAR and a few other of our partners have requested that an agent name be stamped on the bottom of every standard association document. As a result, we enable this feature to all associations partners. As always, dotloop continues to verify usage and access by tracking a series of key data points around every signature and document such as log in information, time stamps, IP address, etc.

Thank you AAR and our 40+ association partners for your continued commitment to innovation.

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